Tsvetana Yvanova

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STUDY OF A HEAD, 2005 Bronze 15 X 9 X 10 Inches © Tsvetana Yvanova Fine Art
JULIA, 2004 Bronze 16.5 X 9 X 10 Inches © Tsvetana Yvanova Fine Art
PRESIDENT OBAMA, 2012 Bronze 23.5" X 19" X 11" Inches © Tsvetana Yvanova Fine art
NICK, 2005 Bronze 15" X 8" X 11" Inches © Tsvetana Yvanoca Fine Art
THE KISS, Limited edition, 2006 Bronze 16" X 8" X 5" Inches © Tsvetana Yvanova Fine Art
CONTESTANT, 2005 Bronze 24 X 21 X 18 Inches © Tsvetana Yvanova Fine Art
TRANSCENDENCE, 2008 Bronze 72" X 27" X 7" Inches © Tsvetana Yvanova Fine Art
THE DANCE LESSON, 2005 Bronze 33" X 21" X 19" Inches © Tsvetana Yvanova Fine Art
ORANGE BLOSSOMS, PEBBLES & DREAMS, 2009 Acryllic On Board 48" X 48" X 1.5" Inches © Tsvetana Yvanova Fine Art
BLUE LIGHT, 2012 Giclee Limited Editions Of 100 48" X 48" X 2" Inches © Tsvetana Yvanova
YOUNG HOLLY , 2012 Limited Edition Of 100 38 X 52 Inches © Tsvetanas Yvanova Fine Art
ICON, November 2014 Bronze, Linited Edition Of 10 20.5 X 8" X 11" Inches © Tsvetana Yvanova Fine Art
REALLY?, 2014 Giclee Limited Editions Of 50 48" X 48" X .5" Inches © Tsvetana Yvanova Fine Art
TRANSCENDENCE II, 2013 Acryllic Cast 48 X 32 X 6 Inches © Tsvetana Yvanova Fine Art
CLAIRE, 2014 Acryllic On Canvas 48"X72 © Tsvetana Yvaniva Fine Art
TY PORTRAIT, 2009 Acryllic On Canvas 48 X 36 Inches © Tsvetana Yvanova Fine Art
JULIE, 2011 Giclee Limited Editions Of 50 48 X 48" Inches © Tsvetana Yvanova Fine Art
SUNRAYS, 2011 Acryllic 36"X48"X1.5" © Tsvetana Yvanova Fine Art
GEOTWO, 2007 Heavy Acryllic On Canvas 27" X 72" X 3" © Tsvetana Yvanova Fine Art
STEPHANIE, 2011 Limited Edition Of 100 60" X 27" Inches © Tsvetana Yvanova Fine art
SO WHAT, 2011 Giclee Limited Editions Of 100 48" X 36" Inches © Tsvetana Yvanova Fine Art
MAX and JOEY, 2009 Acryllic On Canvas 48" X 36" X 1.5" Inches © Tsvetana Yvanova Fine Art
Quick Facts
Montana, Bulgaria
Birth year
Lives in
Los Angeles
Works in
Los Angeles
Landscape Architecture Institute, Sofia BG, 1979, MLA
Fine Art Academy "N.PAVLOVICH " ,Sofia, 1975
Graziadio School of Business, Los Angeles, CA, 2001, MBA
Representing galleries
Galerie Vendome. Beverly Hills, Palm Desert ( former)
presidential Sculpture, bronze portraiture, mixed-media, video-art, modern, digital, figurative, sculpture

, while a great number of her artwork is presented in her own channelTsvetana Yvanova is a multifaceted Artist. Born in Bulgaria, in the small town of Montana, built on the place of Montanensium , an ancient city that dates from  the Roman Empire. Tsvetana started drawing at the age of four. During the formative years,, her talent grew in a supportive family environment. Inspired by the Renaissance masters, Tsvetana Yvanova sought formal instruction in Art while still earning her Masters degree in Landscape Architecture in Sofia. She studied three years with Prof.Angelakov, at the Bulgarian Art Academy " N. Pavlovich". Later on, in Los Angeles, as she was earning her Masters Degree in the Graziadio School of Business of Pepperdine University, Tsvetana has began studying sculpture under the tutalage of American Sculptor Max Turner. This collaboration has defined her classical style and perfected her figurative sculpting techniques, while her themes remain universal in its context .  The first solo sculpture exhibition, titled " Untamed Spirit" was held at Gallerie Vendome in , Palm Desert, CA in 2005. Tsvetana's bronzes are in the collections of Mr.Oliver Stone, the Oscar winning Film Director and other numerous Private collectors throughout California.

While Tsvetana holds close to her heart figurative sculpture and portraiture, a testament to which is the recent portrait of President Barack Obama, remaining part of  her work is in contemporary large scale acrylic painting . Her Process Art is based on planned  spontaneity -and is influenced by such figures as Pollock, Franz Klein's explorations and study of space in black & white to the Warholian feel of some of the large scale portraiture - are some of the first impressions her work leaves . Exploring new venues is key for Tsvetana. Unafraid of the variety and presence of multiple styling reminiscences - she continues to use her work as a discovery process of her own complex soul searching. Tsvetana's abstract expressionistic series is a dramatic separation from her classical figurative sculpture and portraiture. .

To cut through the imagery and the conventional and let the mind wonder over the movement of the colors and shapes, that each time brings in something new to the forefront of the viewers attention something of a goal. Layers upon layers of swirls, and splashes, and brush sprinkles and other controlled paint movement sometimes gives way to soft tonal transition. Recent photographic interest in painting  has been noted in "HOLLY" - from LAFACES series. Blonde, stylishly un-groomed - with incredible determination and calm optimism look in her face, this work marks a new page in Tsvetana's Artistic approach to painting, loosely termed 'contemporary realism'.

Tavetana works out of her studio in Los Angeles, California and maintains active presence in the art community by means of the art blog appropriately named Tsvetana maintains an active presence in the digital platforms - Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, ArtBrokerage, fineArt America and Saachi etc. Majority of her attwork is presented in her own YouTube channel, which has been in existence since 2009 and has  a substatial number of subscribers and nearly 400,000 viewers.

An retrospective Exhbition of 15 years of Art in the US has been scheduled for Spring of 2016.