Debra Slonim

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Warm Winds, 2013 Mixed Media Acrylic Painting 30 X 45
In Her Arms, 2013 Mixed Media Acrylic Painting 3ft X 5ft
Medusa Exposed, 2013 Mixed Media Acrylic Painting 4ft X 8ft
The Bombshell, 2012 Acrylic 36 X 36
Commandent 11, 2012 Acrylic 36 X 36
Imperfect Perfection, 2012 Acrylic 36 X 36
The Selection, 2012 Acrylic 2ft X 4ft
From The Trees, 2012 Acrylic 15 X 45
Though My Eye, 2012 Acrylic 16 X 20
The Communal Concentration, 2012 Acrylic 16 X 20
The Blue Cadaver, 2012 Acrylic 36 X 36
The Student, 2012 Acrylic 36 X 36
Quick Facts
Huntington Beach
Birth year
Lives in
California State University Channel Islands, 2013, BA
Orange Coast College, 2011, AA
canvas/acrylic, expressionism, mixed-media
Debra Slonim

Debra Slonim


Huntington Beach, CA


California State University, Channel Islands

2013 BA Studio Art- Painting

Orange Coast Community College

2011 AA Studio Art


CSU Channel Islands Artpalooza 

2013 Second Place (Painting)

Third Place (Sculpture)

2012 First Place (Figure Painting)

Honorable Mention (Sculpture)

CSU Channel Islands

2013 Who's Who Among CI Students 

Orange County Fair

2004 Division Winner (Mixed Media Painting Youth)

2003 Second place and first place ( Painting Youth)

2002 Third place (Painting Youth)


Channel Islands Artists

2012 Creator of CSUCI Art Club




Artapalooza, CSU Channel Islands Camarillo, CA

The Show, 643 A Project Space Ventura, CA 

RawArtists, Bombay Bar & Grill Ventura, CA


Room For Interpretation, CSUCI Exhibitions Camarillo, CA

Channel Islands Artists Exhibit, White Rabbit Cafe Oxnard, CA

Wish You were Here; Paintings from Abroad, CSUCI Exhibitions Camarillo, CA

Italian Exhibition, Centro Fiorenza Florence, Italy

Paintings de Paris, Paris American Academy Paris, France

The Present Figure, CSUCI Exhibitions Camarillo, CA

Artapalooza, CSU Channel Islands Camarillo, CA


Mass Appeal, Art Pavillion Costa Mesa, CA

Debra Slonim's Bio

Debra Slonim has been working for the past year on a different way of approaching painting. She has been using oil paints ever since her Grandma Kate taught her how to use them when she was ten years old. During that time she was also inspired by the Meet the Masters program at her school where they would show slides of Van Gogh’s masterpieces, which furthered her curiosity and love of fine arts. When Slonim decided to pursue being a fine artist, she attended community college and her paintings were rejected because of the lack of realism in her depiction of the human figure. This experience caused her anxiety about her artwork, and for two years she quit painting altogether. She eventually returned to painting, and ever since has had a desire to prove herself. Recently through a multicultural art history class, she came across the works of Jean Michel Basquiat, and his fast method of painting in acrylics inspired her to take a new path in painting. 

Debra Slonim now works on mixed media acrylic pieces that are based on the community that surrounds her, and her personal life experiences. She works by being attentive to the environment when she is painting, and observant of the colors and peers around her. What she observes is immediately put into her paintings, and when she is alone her paintings will be very autobiographical, and serve as a diary to her point of view. Her method creates a stream of consciousness feeling almost as if the viewer can see her thought process.

Debra Slonim has shown her artwork in student shows from Orange County to Ventura County.

She lives in Camarillo with her paintbrushes and her excitement for learning more about life, and all the fine arts.