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A WOEMAN, 2011 Acrylic. Ink And Pastel 138cm X 83cm © BBOONIE 2011
BLACK WHITE AND BLUE, 2011 Acrylic.Pastel And Ink 58.5 In X 26 In © BBOONIE 2011
BOW, 2011 Acrylic.Pastel 58"X26.5" © BBOONIE 2011
DRAGGIN' HEADS, 2011 Acrylic And Pastel. 40" X 54.5" © BBOONIE 2011
DRAGGIN', 2011 Acrylic And Pastel. 69.5cm X 180cm © BBOONIE 2011
FOUNTAIN'S HEAD, 2011 Acrylic.Pencil.Ink 150cm X 139cm © BBOONIE 2011
HAWK, 2011 Acrylic.Pastel And Ink 59"X26.5" © BBOONIE 2011
HYEONGYEONG, 2011 Acrylic. Pencil. Ink. Pastel 52"X57" © BBOONIE 2011
MUAN, 2011 Acrylic And Ink 136cm X 98cm © BBOONIE 2011
OTIENO, 2011 Acrylic.Ink.Pencil.Pastel 63"X 29" © BBOONIE 2011
QUEEN OF HEARTS, 2011 Acrylic And Ink 175cm X 132cm © BBOONIE 2011
SINNA MAN, 2011 Acrylic. Latex. Ink. Pastel. 149cm X 66.5cm © BBOONIE 2011
THE HYPE, 2011 Acrylic And Ink. 149cm X 66.5cm © BBOONIE 2011
WATA' MELON GUL', 2011 Acrylic. Ink. Pastel. Pencil. 149cm X 66.5cm © BBOONIE 2011
UN-TITLED, 2011 Acrylic. Latex. Ink. Pastel. 61" X 26.5" © BBOONIE 2011
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Savannah College of Art and Design
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Sharp, romantic, brutal art, sculpture, installation, modern, graffiti/street-art
Artist Statement

True Magic is what you experience when you look at a stranger for the first time and it is what you feel when you awake fresh from a dream. That experience here which is expressed as a basic understanding of what you feel is true. In these short-lived uncertain moments of True Magic; the world as we know it, is primary in color and basic in shape. The truth of who we are and what we think of each other is a projection and reality becomes only what is remembered. Our memories and with them all expectations, emotionally come rushing forward at full speed shaping everything seen in bursts of color and exaggerated form. These shapes and colors remind us of our basic understanding of our experience. True Magic can turn a lover into a tree because he is remembered as strong and silent with hues of red and brown, and it can turn parents into two golden suns atop a mountain because they have been a source of constant energy when we needed them the most.

Our world, our reality, our color, all of what we are, is transformed in memory.



b. 1986 Chicago Illinois

2011                  Exhibition True Magic: Memories Don’t Live Like People Do (Solo)

                    Mokpo Art and Culture Gallery Mokpo, South Korea
                    Projects: Hyeonggyeong Preschool “Vibrations Workshop”

                                          Residency 우훙요 Uhyuyo Studio
                                         Cheonggye, South Korea

                                        Residency 승광요 Seong Gwang Yo
                                        Walsani Artists Village, South Korea
                                        Apprenticeship with Korean artist 김문호Kim Moon Ho

2010- 2011 /Projects: Beijing, China Children’s book “Stories about Trees”

                                        Phucket, Thailand Short Stories “Love Some”


2010 /Projects: Muan, South Korea teaching English and Art

                            Nairobi, Kenya Goethe Institute “Vibrations

                            Collaborative Paintings with Kenyan Artist Kota Otieno Massai Studio

                            Ko Samui, Thailand Meditation Illustrations


2009                /Awards: BFA Savannah College of Art and Design Savannah, GA

                        SCADemy Nomination Savannah GA Best Production Design for “GRACE”

2008               Exhibition: Art Talk (Group) Drayton Art Gallery Savannah, GA

                        Projects: “Vibrations” Collaborative Paintings

                         MFA Thesis Production Design for “GRACE”

                        Voice Acting for Danny! “And I Love H.E.R album and Kid Syc album

                        Rose Wall Mural in West Savannah

2006-2007    Internship: Spertus Jewish Museum  Chicago, IL

 2003-2004    Exhibition: Women’s Work (Group) UIC Gallery 400 Chicago, IL

 2003                (Group) Marwen Gallery Chicago, IL

1991-2000       Franklin Fine Arts Center/Major:Visual Art Chicago, IL