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I have about a year left with school at Parsons in New York City, and I have put more energy into learning about grids than paint. Although the upside is also knowing about my new favorite, digital illustration. I have finally take a summer off to get back into my art work with over two years worth of ideas to start creating. I am excited to go to Art Basel in Base Switzerlandl this year to see the original birth place of Art Basel. Regardless of what other people think, I feel art is only on a steady climb back into the hearts and minds of humanity. I am glad to have met RAAWART in New York fo... [more]
Posted by Aimee Vera Hedman on 6/17/14

Art from the Heart, blog by the frame studio in fort lauderdale

Home » Art From the Heart At THE FRAME STUDIO we meet so many talented artists who bring their work to us to be custom framed. This week we were very lucky to meet Aimee Hedman, a young artist, just starting out and who is very luck to be showing this week as part of a Student/Teacher Collaboration at Art Basel in Miami. Aimee’s art comes from her heart. These pieces are of her mother, a former opera singer, who passed away on 2011. Aimee carved from wood a “stamp” and then stamped the images over the sheet music of her mother’s favorite opera scores. She chose contemporar... [more]
Posted by Aimee Vera Hedman on 2/8/13