Brent Osborne

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Immure, 2010 Sculpture, Photography 13" X 5" X 5" Inches
Coquet, 2010 Sculpture, Photography 13 X 5 X 5 Inches
Reflect, 2010 Light Box, Photography, Wood, Sculpture 21 X 28 X 6 Inches
HYPERMNESIA, 2010 Suitcase, Plexiglass, Photography, Wood 21 X 35 X 5 Inches
Provision, 2010 Wood, Sculpture, Photography 12 X 5 X 5 Inches
Redemption, 2010 Wood, Sculpture, Photography 6 X 8 X 7 Inches
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stereoscopic, Woodworking, 3D, mixed-media, landscape, photography, sculpture
Brent Osborne Photography


Brent Osborne grew up in Orlando, Florida. He got his first camera at the age of 15, and was enthralled with photography ever since. He decided to go to school in Colorado to pursue photography as a career. His photography mostly consisted of black and white landscapes, and eventually photojournalism after getting an internship at Aspen Daily News in Aspen, Colorado. Soon after, he decided to move back to the city life, and ended up in Seattle, Washington. He landed a job at a camera shop and gained experience and technical knowledge that he much needed.

 His dreams of traveling the world started to become a reality in 2002, with his first trip to Europe. Backpacking for a month with a close friend, he soon realized his new passion. After going back to Europe a couple more times he finally got achance to go on an extended trip lasting 4 months, going around the world, in 2011. Visiting 8 countries with completely different demographics and religions, he saw the world in a whole new light, and his photography changed dramatically.


 My first real attraction to photography came to me while in a darkroom in High school. I remember being hooked the minute the image appeared through the developer. My photography however didn't really 'grow' until much later, when I was introduced to larger format film cameras.

 All of the images you see here are shot with film, and then digitally scanned and edited. I prefer using film over digital for three main reasons. One, the camera is my main reason for shooting film. I use a Rolleiflex TLR that shoots medium format square images. If I had this in a digital format, the camera would cost me a fortune. Second, the archival aspect of film is very appealing to me. Thirdly, the look of film is unique and the colors can be rich and beautiful.

 Now, one would ask if film is inconvenient compared to digital, and to say that it's not would be a lie. But until the cost of digital cameras (that I prefer to use) come down in price, or the images become more archival, will I ever give up film. My passion for travel and photography will continue to take me to far off places, and I hope that I never tire of the infinite possibilities that they offer. In the meantime, I have been drawn to 3D stereoscopic photography, and plan to do more as time goes on.