Legan Rooster

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+++, NOV. 2012 Digital
++++++, NOV 2012 Digital
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mixed-media, pop, digital, figurative

my education as an artist was experimetacion of my emotions, I am an artist autodicta, finish my studies in architecture but in the end I realized that mine was just paint.
as an artist i can say that my work always has a duality between the figurative and abastract, between painting and digital. i can never stay in one style of art because the basis of my art is experimentation.
my biggest influence is the life that surrounds me. i like to paint my own experiences and emotions at the time of painting. i like to paint with the strongest intensity i can feel, i like to express myself freely.
i am proud to be a person from Latin America and that is one of the elements that is present in my art as are the exploration of sexuality and the injustices of life.