tony buchen

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new mexico
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santa fe
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virtual space
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AVA / A Virtual Artspace
RPT, 3D, 3D models, virtual, video-art, modern, photography, sculpture
A Virtual Artspace

A Virtual Artspace, 316 Read St., Santa Fe NM             

The works in the studio - photographs, videos, and sculptures - represent three ways of experiencing a virtual object. Working exclusively in cyberspace, we are creating sculptures as 3D models. These models are virtual objects. The equations which define them can be translated into images or physical objects. Our focus is the imagery we achieve via the photography unique to virtual space.


Tony Buchen and Jeralyn Goodwin began their long-term collaboration in 1980 in Santa Fe, NM where they worked primarily in constructed metal sculpture. Neither artist came from an academic background in the visual arts. Goodwin received a B.A. in literature & philosophy from the University of Alabama. Buchen graduated summa cum laude from the University of New Mexico with a B.S. in math & physics. In 1979, while working on his P.H.D. Buchen became narcoleptic during seminars and concluded that he needed a break from the world of nuclear physics. He returned home to Santa Fe and a year later began his artistic collaboration with Goodwin. From 1980 through 1988 they participated in numerous art venues in Santa Fe, exhibiting work and undertaking large-scale commissions, public and private. By 1984 their primary outlets for these activities were through Beverly Gordon Gallery, Dallas, TX and Louis Newman Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA. In 1989 they left New Mexico to become artists-in-residence at Sloss Furnaces, an industrial museum in Birmingham, Alabama. During their Sloss residency, Buchen/Goodwin experimented extensively with the exceptional computer related technology available through the steel industry of the city. This experimentation strongly influenced the evolution of their work and their perspective on contemporary art. In the spring of 1998, Tony Buchen was a guest faculty member at Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, Scotland. 1999 through 2003 they lived and worked in Corsica, France. During this time they focused on creating a virtual sculpture studio. This would allow them to build their sculptures as three-dimensional models to be outputted by various technologies. They quickly discovered this was not going to be their focus. Instead, they became totally immersed in allowing their models to remain in virtual space as subjects for photography, both as stills and video. Making a major departure from the medium of conventional sculpture, they began developing a new genre of art. This work was first exhibited as works on paper with Gallerie Claude Dorval, Paris. In 2004 they returned to the US and located in New Orleans, LA where they continued to develop their new genre of work. Solo exhibits of the new work were at Montevallo University, Montevallo, AL and Steve Martin Gallery, New Orleans, LA. Screenings of their first videos were with NightWorks: Canal Street Project, New Orleans. Since 2008 they have been living/working in New Mexico. During this time the video work has been shown with the Santa Fe CCA, e4culture in Seattle, WA, and Digital Fringe, an international public screening venue. Solo exhibits were with Judy Youens Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, and JandreauArt, Taos, NM. Buchen and Goodwin currently reside in Santa   Fe, NM.