Tessa Grundon

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Beyond Taw, 2016 Mixed Media: Mud From Peppercombe Cliffs, China Clay, Local Beeswax, Digital Print On Handmade Paper 8" X 8"
In Memoriam - Admiral's Row, 2017 Lath & Nails From Condemned 1800's Houses Admiral's Row, Brooklyn Navy Yard 50" X 45"
System, 2010 Mud From Erwarton Bay & Local Beeswax On Khadi Paper. Beeswax And Mud On Handmade Paper Topographical Mapping Of The Stour's Length Etched Into Local Beeswax And Erwarton Bay Mud. I Have Engraved The Length Of The River Into The Surface Of The Wax, With 34" X 27"
In Memoriam - Admiral's Row (installation shot), 2017 Lath, Nails From Condemned Admiral's Row Houses Brooklyn Navy Yard
Medicine Cabinet, 2017 Doctor's Cabinet, Test Tubes, Medicinal Plants, Tinctures, Living And Dried Plants Variable
Samplings - medicinal plants, 2017 Medicinal Plants, Tinctures, Test Tubes, Piping Hardware On Panel 24" X 24"
Contour in 16 Parts (The Stour), 2010 Mud & Beeswax On Handmade Paper 40" X 40"
Offcuts - Admiral's Row, 2017 Shipping Palettes, Nails, Pokeweed Pigment, Beeswax, Handmade Paper, Staples 18" X 8"
Stour I, II & III (Lungs/Contour), 2010 Mud (From River Stour) & Beeswax On Handmade Paper Each @ 27" X 20"
Contours on Slate, 2013 Engraving On Roofing Slates From Wave Hill Each Slate Measures 16" X 14" X 3
Rooting System, 2013 Tree Stump, Roots From Hudson River Banks, Beeswax, Earth, Handmade Paper 30" X @ 30"
Installation Shot - Open Studios at Wave Hill, 2013 Found Objects, Wood, Electrical Fittings, Plastic Ropes Variable
Totems, 2013 Salvaged Wood & Metal, Jawbone, Thread, Beeswax, Found Objects, Cadmium Encaustic. Wood, Metal & Bone Found Around Wave Hill Property, The Nearby Hudson River And Railway Tracks. Beeswax From Wave Hill's Hives & Deep Orange Encaustic. Variable
Deben and Stour I , 2010 Mud, Beeswax, Map, Mooring 9" X 9"
Deben and Stour II , 2010 Mixed Media/Found Objects 9" X 9"
Residuum II - Wave Hill , 2014 Plant Material, Raw Beeswax, Earth And Charcoal From Wave Hill On Paper 15" X 15" Framed
Taw , 2015 Mixed Media: Plant Matter, Sea Threads, Local Beeswax, Earth Pigments, Map, Aerial Digital Image 5" X 5" Unframed
Mud and Wax I , 2010 Mud And Beeswax On Paper 12" X 17"
Grove , 2010 Tree Knot, Badger Hair, Beeswax, Sea Thread, Dry Grass. Found Pieces From The Grove And The Marsh At Holbrook Creek 11" X 7" (Framed)
Montauk, Putney Reach, Holbrook Creek , 2010 2010 Nails, Wood And Sea Threads 10" X 12" Ships Nails From Ship Building Nails Found On Putney Reach Mounted On Found Wood From Montauk Beach, Fastened With Mooring Threads From Holbrook Creek. 10" X 12"
Greencliff , 2015 Mixed Media: Plant Matter, Local Beeswax & Earth Pigments, Digital Aerial Image 5" X 5" Unframed
Cuma , 2015 Mixed Media Local Earth Pigments, Local Beeswax, Plant Matter, Aerial Digital Image 5" X 5"
Rubus , 2015 Mixed Media: Plant Matter, Local Earth Pigment, Local Beeswax 5" X 5"
Chain I - Three day rust print , 2010 Rust And Beeswax On Handmade Paper. Found Chain, Rusted Into Handmade Paper And Sealed With Beeswax 12" X 12"
Navy Yard, 2017 Mixed Media: Charcoal, Digital Print On Rice Paper, Local Beeswax, Verdigris From Whiskey Barrels (Kings Count Bny) 8" X 8"
Stour II (Lungs/Contour) , 2010 Holbrook Creek Mud And Beeswax On Handmade Paper. Topographical Contour Map Of The Landscape Banking The Stour In Local Beeswax And Mud From Holbrook Creek On A Scale Of 1:50,000 The Mud From Holbrook Creek's Marshes And Mudflats Contains Matter That Ha 34" X 27"
Mudflats , 2010 Various Coloured Muds From The Stour And Local Beeswax On Paper 8 1/2" X 24"
Horizon , 2010 Beeswax & Mud On Mulberry Paper 12" X 12"
Contour in 16 Parts (detail), 2010 Mud And Beeswax On Handmade Paper. Topographical Detail Of The Stour In Local Beeswax And Harkstead Bay Mud 9" X 9"
Scorhill, Dartmoor , 2010 Peat And Vegetation From Scorhill, Local Beeswax And Chalk On Handmade Paper 12" X 16"
Untitled, 2010 Stour Muds And Local Beeswax On Mulberry Paper 8 1/2" X 6"
Medicine Cabinet, 2017 Doctor's Cabinet, Medicinal Plants, Tinctures, Dried And Living Medicinal Plants Variable
Medicine Cabinet , 2017 Doctor's Cabinet, Medicinal Plants, Tinctures, Dried And Living Plants Variable
Stanton St Bernard, 2013 Limestone, Horsehair, Beeswax Variable
Post Divided, 2013 Mahogany Fencepost & Local Beeswax. Salvaged Fencepost That Had Been Cut In Half From Wave Hill Property Joined Together And Filled With Beeswax. 35" X 14"
Small sculptures: Fallopia, Offcut, Growth. , 2013 Roots, Stone, Beeswax, Wood, Charcoal & Chalk. Fallopia Root. Roots Of Fallopia Genus, Bark, Wave Hill Beeswax Growth. Roots From Hudson River Bank Stripped After Hurricane, Bark, Beeswax Offcut. Offcut Of Wood From Wave Hill Downed In Hurricane, Charcoa Variable
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Arco Gallery

My work references a range of influences from the topography and history of a place and its ever-changing environment; the shifting and increasingly polluted tides to the effect of man on the landscape, to man himself and the shared visual language of natural forms. 

I work with an amalgam of different materials and artifacts relating to specific geographical locations. I use local maps, beeswax from nearby hives (literally a distillation of a place and a moment in time); pigments drawn from the mud, various colored earths, vegetation, rust and charcoal. I look for inspiration and materials in the landscape whether in the woods, abandoned places or building sites, using debris found along the strand lines of estuaries, riverbanks and marshes, from the source of a stream to where it meets the ocean through places both rural and urban. I collect sounds, images, data and objects. With these materials I create work that embodies a sense of place - totems of landscapes that resonate with me.

2018  Drawing Rooms.  “Big Small Show”.  Curated by Anne Trauben & Jim Pustorino, Jersey City, NJ.

          Artist on Board with SailBritain.  (Upcoming) Working with interdisciplinary group of scientists, geologists & geographers sailing around           Scottish Isles, working with Scottish Association of Marine Science.  Scotland, UK.

         Mapping the Dart. (Upcoming) Project with Art.Earth & scientists from University of Exeter to map rivers including studying increasing pollutants from source to estuary with mud, beeswax and sound studies.

2017 & Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World (CCANW) Invitational Exhibition, Devon, UK 

          Royal Geographical Society UK/#Explore Conference: Presentation and discussion of work and interdisciplinary residency with SailBritain. UK

          NARS Foundation.  Invited to participate in 2017 Open Studios

          Black Swan Arts Open. Selected by Dea Vanagan: Director, Hauser & Wirth Somerset; Gary Sangster: Consulting Director of Drawings Project UK, Trustee of Arnolfini; Stephen Snoddy, Director, The New Art Gallery Walsall.    
 at Dartington Hall/Schumacher College. “Trees & Topographies” 2 person show with Hannah Fletcher. Curator Richard Povall, UK

        Central Booking - “Plant Cure”. Medicinal Plants: Installations & paintings. Curator Maddy Rosenberg, NY. 

        Field Projects Gallery - “String Theory”. Curator Charlotte Mouquin, Chelsea, NY.

        Battersea Arts Centre.  Artist in Residence - Ongoing restoration of BAC throughout 2017, UK.

        Works on Water.   Contributing artist and speaker. N.Y.

       Artist on Board with SailBritain & University of Exeter.  Environmental study of waterborne micro plastics. Interdisciplinary art and science.   Cornwall Coastline, UK

      Artist on Board with Ninth Wave Eeua.  Environmental exploration of Hudson River (via canoe) investigating positive change in environmental, community and social settings.

       DUMBO Open Studios & Exhibition, Brooklyn, NY

       Central Booking. “Week of Protest” Exhibition, NY

       Brooklyn Navy Yard (BLDG92).  Visiting Artist, ongoing collaboration. Exhibition upcoming.


2016  Brooklyn Navy Yard (BLDG92).  Selected artist for BNYDC Visiting Artist Program (ongoing)

          SWALE & Biome Arts (on Swale).  Contributing artist on Floating Food Forest Project, NYC Waterways.

         Art on Paper.  Art Fair - Pier 36, New York 

         Water + Art (Pioneer Works).  Collaboration compiling data on international artists working with water (with Eve Mosher &         Sarah Cameron Sunde - ongoing)


2015  Ceres Gallery, “Exposure” Exhibition, Chelsea, New York

          Dartmoor Arts – Architects and artists collaboration - Spatial Structures in the Landscape, Dartmoor, UK

          The Affordable Art Fair, represented by Arco Gallery


2014  Petit Formats & Works on Paper. Group Show at Arco Gallery, NY

          Kentler International Drawing Space. Works on Paper. Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY

          The Affordable Art Fair.  Represented by Arco Gallery, Metropolitan Pavilion, New York


2013   Wave Hill Winter Residency. Artist in Residence. Bronx, NY

           Winter Workspace Public Workshops. “Portrait of a Landscape”, Workshop Instructor, Wave Hill, NY

           Glyndor Gallery, Open Studios, Wave Hill. Bronx, NY 

           GSA Environmental Art Exhibition. Curator and exhibiting artist. Keynote Speaker: Maya Lin.  Exhibiting artists:  Anna Schuleit, Dana Levy,   Beth Dary, Katia Santibanez, Ellie Irons, Nuala Clark, Francisco Donoso, Sam Clayton, Naomi Reis, Sky Pape, Asuka Hishiki, Kate Temple, Jeanne Greco, Linda Stillman. Lycée Français, NY.

          We Are Still Here: Art in the Bronx, Andrew Freeman House, Wave Hill Armory ArtsWeek. Bronx, NY

          3rd Ward Exhibition & panel discussion with Marco Antonini, Director of NURTUREart; Asya Geisberg, Asya Geisberg             Gallery; Lydia Kutko, Lydia Barry Kutko Art Advisory and Krista Saunders, Groundfloor Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.


2012  “Courtyard Studios”. Artist in Residence, Wiltshire, UK      

           LREI Art Auction. Saatchi and Saatchi Galleries, New York, NY

          Greenpoint Gallery.  Group Exhibition, Brooklyn, NY

          LFNY Art Auction.   The Armory.  New York, NY


2011  WAAM “Far and Wide” Exhibition. Curated by David Ross, former director of the Whitney and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.    Woodstock, NY

            3rd Ward.  Member Exhibition. Brooklyn, NY

            Greenpoint Gallery.  Group Exhibition. Brooklyn, NY


2010     *”Matter”, The Garage Space - Solo Exhibition.  Site Responsive exhibition. Suffolk, UK


2009    Small Works Exhibition. 80 Washington Square East Galleries. Curator Daniel Ferris,  Stephen Haller Gallery. New York, NY

            Wax and Wane Experimental. 301 Gallery. Curator Miles Conrad. Beverley, MA

2008    Small Works Exhibition. 80 Washington Square East Galleries. Curator Richard Witter, OK Harris Gallery. New York, NY

2007    Encaustic Works International Biennial. R & F Galleries. Curated by Joan Snyder. Kingston, NY



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