Donald Frazell

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Art and Purpose

                                                          Art and Purpose   We have come to a point in History of great change, both in how we must live to survive and thrive as a species in this world, and in our view of ourselves. Of our place in the Universe, in our relationships to one another, and our Purpose for being, our relationship with God.   We in the West have lost our way. Consumed with ourselves, our lives built around things of this world to give us self-worth, and inward desires that place our own personal happiness and well being before all. Where the virtues of humility, s... [more]
Posted by Donald Frazell on 5/31/09

The Failure of Contemporary Art.

                        The Failure of MoCA to serve the needs of Los Angelenos               MoCA does not represent the goals, aspirations, needs, or varied artistic creativity of  Los Angeles. Contemporary art in general, has been about amusing and serving the desires of a tiny minority, the wealthy, and keeping art academies in business. It has no relevance to the life of Americans, and certainly not Los Angeles.  No public funds should be used in any way. All efforts to keep the Museum financially stable, is completely on the audience it serves, the rich, and the Art Academies that rely... [more]
Posted by Donald Frazell on 11/23/08

Imperial Clothing

                                                       Imperial Clothing                                                      By Donald Frazell                                       Marketing The Cult of Individualism     This basically sums up the state of "Art" in America. Why? Because as with the Romans and British before us, America is a place of commerce, engineers and industry. We are a practical people, with one great genius. Selling a product. Coca Cola, Chevrolet, or the NFL, our marketing leads the world. It takes what it can use, from evangelism in religion, to music from our ethni... [more]
Posted by Donald Frazell on 11/23/08