Meital Raz

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Israeli art, curator, Tel Aviv, meital raz, מיטל רז, אמנות, תל אביב, אוצרת

2013 "Because Only Painting Just isn't Enough", Ran Barlev solo exhibition, 121 gallery, Tel Aviv
2012 "No True Endurance Limit", group exhibition, 121 Gallery, Tel Aviv
2011 "Mouth Open, Teeth Showing", group exhibition, Gal-On art gallery, Tel- Aviv 
2011 "Voodoo Time", group exhibition, Minshar art gallery, Tel- Aviv
2009 "Good Girls, Dead Girls", group exhibition, Engel Gallery, Tel Aviv 
2009 "The Good Place, Eutopia", group exhibition, Engel Gallery, Tel Aviv 
2008 "Beauty and the Beast", Miri Davidovitz solo exhibition, Engel Gallery, Tel Aviv
2008 "The Search for the Lost City", group exhibition, Engel Gallery, Tel- Aviv
2008 "God Must Be Joking", duo exhibition, Engel gallery, Tel- Aviv


"Who will Save Art History?", Erev- Rav: Online Art Magazine,18.11.2013 (Hebrew)

"God Has Created a Monster: The Representation of the Monstrous Feminine in Contemporary Art as Feminist Aesthetics", History & Theory: the Protocols, vol. 27-The Uncanny, March 2013 

"Dali: The Man Everybody Loves to Hate", Ynet: Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper website, 4.4.2013 (Hebrew)

"Revelation: From Order to Chaos", Orly Hummel solo exhibition, Pavilion Am Milchhof, Berlin, Germany, August- September 2012 (catalogue article) 

"My Body is My Temple: Performance Art and the Christian Martyrdom", Yekum Tarbut: An Online Magazine for Hebrew Culture, February 2012 (Hebrew)

"Madame Arithmetic's Tales and the Hidden Hero: The Feminine Language in the Art of Netalie  Schlosser", Erev- Rav: Online Art Magazine, 8.8.2010 (Hebrew)

"The Poetics of the Deficient Parts", Orly Hummel: Requiem- The Picnic, Gal-On Gallery, Tel Aviv, October-November 2010 (exhibition article) 

"Beware! Exhibition!", Ynet: Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper website, 30.6.2010 

"The Death of the Curator", Ma'arav Art Magazine, 23.8.2009  (Hebrew)

"Midnight", group exhibition, Salon 22, Jaffa, February-March 2008 (exhibition article)