Simone Stawicki

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ARTIFICIAL LIGHT, 2009 Oil Paint 100 X 80 Cm © simone stawicki
What about North-Korea 2?, 2012 Acrylic 100 X 80 Cm © Simone Stawicki
Quick Facts
Works in
Huizen, The Netherlands
Academie of arts 'Artibus', Utrecht
color, political/social, acrylic, oil-paint, monotype, women, poetry, mixed-media, landscape, modern, figurative, exhibition/performance


Stawicki’s work is mainly on canvas, but also include mixed media and monotypes. She prefers working with acrylic paint and oil paint and works in a direct way through which she creates a language that can evoke emotions. This way of working creates a sensitive handwriting in which creating harmony through contrast is important. Simone Stawicki's work is colourful with prominent black and white. Using black and white, erratic and firm lines, colours and tones, she searches for harmony and beauty of emotion.
She is doing research for contradictions and harmony. She wants to give expression to her views and the use of colour is important in this process. Furthermore she, as an artist, still draws attention to society, culture, and life. The things she absorbs as a sponge, she will squeeze out in her work. She wants to let people feel and think about things. 

Art is vision

Art is thinking about God, man and society. Stawicki tries to convey this in her work, for it is communication from one heart to the other; communication in the most direct way.


Simone Stawicki had exhibitions among others in:
Italy, Pisa - GAMeC CentroArteModerna Pisa
Denmark, Thy - Limfjordscentret
Denmark, Copenhagen - Hilton Hotel
Canada, Ontario - Gallery Ayrspace
USA, New York - Project ‘Windnomade’ by Slem, New Island Festival on Governors Islands
Spain, Barcelona - Gallery Sala Barna
The Netherlands, Amsterdam - Boesner Salon
The Netherlands, Rotterdam - Continental Art Centre
The Netherlands, Tilburg - Gallery
The Netherlands, Burgh-Haamstede - Gallery Jan Eikenaar
The Netherlands, Oudkerk - Gallery Bloemrijk Vertrouwen
The Netherlands, Amsterdam - Gallery Pardoes
Exhibited at these venues
Simone Stawicki has Exhibited at these venues: