Davidd Batalon

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Lengthwise, 2008 Oil On Canvas 36"X 48" © Davidd Batalon
Light Breeze, 2006 Oil 32" X 42" © Davidd Batalon
Same Team, 2004 Oil 46" X 48" © Davidd Batalon
Estranged Lullaby, 1997 Oil 51" X 61 1/2" © Davidd Batalon
Where Love Leads, 2003 Oil 47" X 33" © Davidd Batalon
Method Madness, 2008 Oil On Canvas 41.5"X48" © Davidd Batalon
Hook-up, 2009 Graphite On Paper Approx. 6' X 4' Paper © Davidd Batalon
James, 2009 Graphite On Paper Approx. 6' X 4' Paper © Davidd Batalon
Stretchwear, 2009 Blue Verithin Pencil On Paper Approx. 4' X 6' Paper © Davidd Batalon
up, 2009 Graphite On Paper Approx. 6' X 4' Paper © Davidd Batalon
missed, 2009 Red Verithin Pencil On Paper Approx. 4' X 6' Paper © Davidd Batalon
Break Thru, 1999 Oil On Canvas 30 X 24 X 1 1/2 Inches © Davidd Batalon
Bodega Bay, 2004 Oil On Canvas 34 X 48 X 1 1/2 Inches © Davidd Batalon, all rights reserved
Triple Dare Acrylic On Canvas 36" X 60"
Triple Dare, 2006 Acrylic On Canvas © Davidd Batalon, all rights reserved
Quick Facts
Oceanside, CA
Lives in
Culver City
Works in
Los Angeles
cal state fullerton, 1986, MA Drawing & Painting
surrealism, figurative

I recently wondered what I'd be doing if I didn't do art.  Surprisingly, I did well at math and algebra in high school.  Perhaps I'd have enjoyed crunching numbers as an accountant.  (Can't even balance a checkbook now.)  Or, I might have become a dedicated musician.  I taught myself to play on our neighbor's baby grand until my mom finally shelled out the bucks for lessons and a used spinet piano.  Either choice would have opened doors to some interesting ventures.

The fact is, I was drawing before I was in kindergarten.  Had it not been for that, I may have developed a primary passion for something other than image making.  But, like many who find their bliss early on, it's invariably something that chooses them, not the other way around.  Go for it!

I continually push myself to refine my technique.  Creating a drawing or a painting challenges me to keep my skills in shape in order to bring a level of believability to a figure, an object, a landscape.  Every effort put forward eventually leads to that moment of satisfaction when the image that was once floating in my imagination, finally stares back at me with a life all its own.

I enjoy when that quiet dialog between me and an inspiration turns into something tangible in the world, all because I taught my hand how to move a marking device onto a surface.  There's something personal involved in that process; a direct contact with imagination.  For me, that's some cool form of alchemy.

I try to be aware of how technique and intent merge and work with one another.  I realize as my artwork matures, it feels as if a painting does some of the thinking for me.  It's a strange way to describe it, but, it's no different than sleeping on a problem, and waking in the morning with a solution.  I suppose the act of creating truly embraces that magical part of ourselves.


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