Sejal S Sood

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Dance Is, June 25th, 2012 Oil 48" X 48" © Sejal S Sood
Quick Facts
MIT, 2006, BSc
performance, surrealism, modern, exhibition/performance
Dance Is

Sejal Surendra Sood is an artist and dancer who began in NYC and made her way east to Mumbai and now Bangkok to explore and experience different forms of dance. Her work dissolves boundaries of culture and religion, focusing on the universality of movement and its relevance to life. 

The artist believes that dance is a complex myriad of movements occurring at every moment. It is an intense experience for the dancer and a mesmerizing experience for those present. As a trained Mathematician from MIT, Sejal gets lost in the beautiful patterns dance creates. She captures the movement in space made by the dancer through use of vibrant colors. The dancers in the paintings have a futuristic feel, while in some paintings Sejal also interprets traditional icons such as Nataraj, the Lord of Dance.