Masri Hayssam

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I'm thinking of them -Syria series, 2012 Oil Acrylic On Canvas 90x120cm © Masri
Self portrait- My screaming, 2011 Mixed Media 70x100 Cm © Masri
I'm thinking of them series-sirya series, 2011 Acrylic On Canvas 90x120 © Masri
Self portrait from "I'm thinking of them series", 2011 Oil On Canvas 40x50cm © Masri
I'm tinking of them series #22, 2010 Mixed Media On Canvas 100x130 © Masri
Self portrait, 2009 Mixed Media On Paper. 50x70cm © Masri
Self portrait-Screaming#3, 2011 Ink On Paper. 30x40cm © Masri
Self portrait, 2005 Oil On Canvas 60x80cm
Nello studio, 2004 Oil On Canvas 40x50cm © Masri
Mourad portrait with landscape, 2006 Oil On Canvas 50x70cm
Landscape series #24, 2004 Oil On Canvas 70x50cm
Self portrait, 2005 Oil On Canvas 50x70cm
Self portrait, 2011 Mixed Media On Canvas 90x120cm
from "Anatomy of nature series"#10, 2007 Mixed Media Oil ,Apigmenti,Charcoal,Acrylic ,Ecc.. 70x100
Storm 8-from "Anatomy of nature series", 2007 Mixed Media:Oil,Pigmenti,Charcoal. 70x50cm © Masri
I am and you., 2007 Mixed Media: Oil ,Pigmenti,Charcoal. 80x50cm © Masri
Esistenza, 2007 Mixed Media 100x50 © Masri
First snowfall, 2007 Mixed Media 40x50cm © Masri
Trees Anatomy, 2007 Mixed Media 50x70cm © Masri
sky falling, 2008 Mixed Media 40x50 Cm © Masri
I am and you.., 2007 Mixed Media 50x35cm © Masri
The kiss, 2007 Mixed Media 30x40cm © Masri
To the sunset, 2008 Mixed Media 40x50cm © Masri
Neutralism series #N10, 2009 Mixed Media 40x50cm © Masri
Neutralism series #11, 2009 Mixed Media 50x40cm © Masri
Drawing#10, 2005 Charcoal 30x40cm © Masri
Drawing 12-the meeting, 2005 Charcoal 30x40cm © Masri
Drawing #13d, 2005 Charcoal 30x40cm © Masri
Drawing #14d, 2005 Charcoal 20x30cm © Masri
Waiting #d15, 2007 Charcoal 30x40cm
Paula drawing #d15, 2007 Charcoal 30x40cm © Masri
Dina drawing d#16, 2007 Charcoal 30x40cm
Face drawing #d16, 2005 Charcoal 30x40cm © Masri
Gazwan face #d17, 2007 Charcoal 30x40cm © Masri
Drawing #d17 Charcoal 30x20cm © Masri
by the massacre.. drawing #d18 Charcoal 45x65cm © Masri
Even the angels die.. Charcoal 45x65cm © Masri
like his shadow Charcoal © Masri
Il coro drawing #d19 Charcoal
The unknown Drawing #d20 Sanguina © Masri
Mohamed ben weld, 2011 Ink On Paper © Masri
Waiting #d21 Ink On Paper 25x35cm © Masri
Pregiera, 2011 Ink On Paper
Pregiera #2, 2011 Ink On Paper © Masri
Pregiera #3, 2011 © Masri
Face Expression #d22, 2011 25x35cm © Masri
Self portrait, 2011 Ink On Paper 25x35cm © Masri
Screaming #d23 Ink On Paper © Masri
Screaming#5, 2012 Ink On Paper © Masri
from "I'm thinking of them"-Syria series., 2012 Oil Acrylic On Canvas 90x120cm © Masri
Self portrait-My screaming, 2011 Mixed Media On Boardcard 70x100cm © Masri
I'm thinking of them -Syria series, 2012 Mixed Media On Canvas 90x120cm © Masri
Self portrait, 2011 Oil On Canvas 40x50cm © Masri
I'm thinking of them series -p22, 2011 Mixed Media On Canvas 100x130cm © Masri
Self portait- p10, 2009 Mixed Media On Boardcard 50x70cm © Masri
Self portrait - Ink series #d20, 2011 Ink On Paper 30x40cm © Masri
Self portait #P21, 2005 Oil On Canvas 60x80cm © Masri
Nello studio, 2004 Oil On Canvas 40x50cm © Masri
Mourad Portrait with landscape, 2006 Oil On Canvas 50x70cm © Masri
Self portrait #p22, 2005 Oil On Canvas 70 X 50 X 2 Centimeters © Masri
Quick Facts
Tripoli, Lebanon
Lives in
Florence, Italy
Works in
Florence, Italy
Florence Art institute, 1993
Representing galleries
American Art Galleries
florence art, masri art, paintings, expressionism, self portrait, figure, portrait, figurative, sculpture, mixed-media, performance, landscape, surrealism, modern, traditional, photography, digital, exhibition/performance, graffiti, photo

Artist Story and Biography :

Italian Lebanese Artist. The artist was born 29 December in Tripoli-Lebanon. He moved to Italy in 1990. Most of his childhood and young age he experienced during a bloody civil war for fifteen years. His works can be divided into different periods and different series of works. .."I am always on the move discovering something artistically new and impressive; something significant with an eye-opening impact on the human psyche; something that does not let monotony and rote repetition take hold of my soul and the flow of my thoughts. This insatiable and agonizing feeling of unexpressed great potential inside of me is not fulfilled by the versatility in my work.

It is easy for one to be haughty, vainglorious and pretentious, but to be humble needs deep understanding to the universal truth in the conscience of the universe.

My fascination in drawing, painting, and colours is indescribable: I was seven years old. I used to save every single penny of my allowance from my father and my mother, and all what I used to get of money on different occasions from the rest of the family to buy tubes of oil paints of different colours till I complete the set of colours I like. I used to keep the tubes of oil paint in a small and portable wooden box fitted with a padlock which was given to me by my aunt , and most of the time, before I went to sleep, I used to check the treasure of colours I had counting the tubes and planning to buy what I needed next time I had the chance to save money...

“I spent all of these years doing what I know best, and I did not do anything else. “

To paint is a big challenge for me.

Its my real language.

Its my way to be and to believe in what I love.

I live four seasons every day. It’s a humongous world of perception, conceptions and achievements.

A world of renewable psychological input and output fraught with flowing emotion, endurance and pain. Its maybe the only thing it is possible to do more than any other.

I do not embrace the technicalities of one single school neither in drawing, nor in painting, and nor in mixing colours.

I am always on the move discovering something artistically new and impressive; something significant with an eye-opening impact on the human psyche; something that does not let monotony and rote repetition take hold of my soul and the flow of my thoughts.

My works can be divided up in periods and different series of works.

(…if you want to understand my art and my life, look at my self portraits and if you focus at any of my paintings, you’ll see your self in my self in different forms and different expression ).



B. 1965 Tripoli-Lebanon, lives in Florence – Italy since 1990



1986: Architectural  design -   Lebanon

           Calligraphy.  Private study - Lebanon

1993 :Professional Art, advertising and Photography- The Art Institute of Florence

            Drawing, Incision and History of art- The Academy Art Florence

Member of-

Lebanese Artist Association


Portrait society of America

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2013: Beirut Arab University- Beirut-Lebanon

2010: Galleria Espace D’arte-Tripoli-Lebanon

2009: Nes Kulturhus Norway-(Anatomy of Nature Series)

2005: American Art –Carmel, California

2004: American Art –Carmel, California

2003: La chimera ( Metropolitan International Art)- Lecce, Italy

2002: Galleria Modigliani , Milan – Italy

1999: Teatro  Guglielmi, Massa Carrara – Italy

1998: Stamperia della Bezuga,Florence – Italy

1997: Gegenuber Badischer Bahnhof, Basel, Switzerland

1994: Centro Internazionale “Giorgio la pira”, Florence- Italy

Selected Group Exhibitions

2012: Visual Art Forum III-LAAPS- Lebanese Artist Ass. Unesco-Beirut.

2012: Royal Society of Portrait-Annual Exhibition- Mall Galleries,London

2012: Unicef project “Ricostruire l’infanzia” for Gaza

2012: I colori dal mondo a Roccella Jonica-Italy

2011: Unicef project for - Darfur una strange deminticata

2011: Cosmografie- Domus talenti  Roma

2011: Microcosmi – Galleria Metamorfosi Arte Gallery – Reggio emilia-Italy

2011: Nittedals Utstillingen, Nittedal – Norway

2011: Soqquadro –Palazzo Orsini a Bomarzo (ogni pensiero vola) Roma

2010: Museum Soursok Beirut

2010: Galleria Ariele –Torino (percezione e lettura visive):

2009: American Art –Carmel, California

2007: American Art –Carmel, California

2005: American Art –Carmel, California

2004: American Art –Carmel, California

2003: Present: ( 30 x 30 ), Modena - Japan and New York

2002: Immagina, Mostra Mercato di Arte Contemporanea,  Reggio Emilia

2001: Romeriks Utstillingen, Lorenskog and Jessheim, Norway

2001: Nittedals Utstillingen, Nittedal – Norway

2000: Art Point- Black, Florence – Italy

1989: Gallery Spazio Quartiere Uno, Florence- Italy

Prizes & Awards and Nominations

2012: First Merit Portrait society of America – self Portrait member-

2012: Finalist for his self portrait at Royal Society of Portrait- Mall Gallery-London

2012: Art Contest International Award and Honorable Mention for his painting “Clouds Falling”

2010:  Selected in Art Kudos international Art competition

2010:  NDU Lebanese Diaspora International competition Notre Dame University-Beirut

2009:  Selected in Art Kudos International Art competitions from series ( Anatomy of Nature)

2008:  Selected in Art Kudos International Art competitions from series ( Anatomy of Nature)

2007:  2°Premio International  Arte Laguna Museo Santa Caterina) Treviso Italy   

2003:  1° Premio international (Art e Società) Caltaniseta Sicilia

2003:  Premio Italia 2003- Florence-Certosa

Selected Interviews  & Publications  

2013: LBC  TV-Beirut ,Lebanon

2013: Future TV –Beirut, Lebanon

2011: Ogni Pesiere Vola- By Colori Arte Contemporanea, Soggvadro-Agenzia Vista

2010: TV Leban: Good Morning Beirut

2010: Tripoli Post(Lebanon)

2009: Akershus arbeiderblad (Norway)

2009: Raumnes (Norway)

2005: ARTWORKS- California (USA)

2005: Virgilio Art Guide Book (Italy)

2004: CHOC Magazine (Lebanon)

2004: ART news (USA)

2004: Euro ARTE (Italy)

2004: Cedar Wings(Lebanon)                                                     

2003: ARTE Mondadori (Italy)

Selected commissions work and clients 

2009: Calligraphic text in the biography of Franco Battiato - Gilgamesh story

Prime Minister of Lebanon Mr. Najib Mikati holds series of work

2005: Nobel Peace price winner Mr. Nelson Mandela

2003: Nobel Peace price winner and Oscar winner Mr. Al Gore


2010 :Future TV Beirut


2012 :UNICEF-Il sorriso di roberta

2011:UNICEF- """"""""""""""""""""""