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untitle, 2012 Photomediapainting
identity, 2012 Mix.Media
identity, 2012 Mixed Medi
destruction, 2012 Acrylic & Chalk On Canvas
Chid abuse, 2013 Acrylic On Canvas 50.70cm
Chid abuse, 2013 Acrylic On Canvas 100.70
Identity, 2012 Mixed Media 30.40
Untitle, 2013 Mixed Media 100.120
Untitle, 2013 Mixed Media 100.150
Untitle, 2013 Drawing 10,10
Untitle, 2013 Drawing 10,10
Stuckist Group Exhibition, 2013 Acrylic On Canvas
Untitle, 2014 Acrylic On Canvas 120.100cm
untitle, 2014 Acrylic On Canvas 50.70cm
My work in Art Expo NYC, 2014 Acrylic On Canvas 100.150cm
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Art university of Tehran, 2009, bachelor
figurative, installation, video-art, performance, conceptual, photography

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Biography Shiva Aini

Name : Shiva Eini

Born Date of birth :1984 /Tehran /Iran
Childhood with line and color, special relationships loved. First painter who 
is actually a mural at age 6 that kindergarten went. Wall of the nursery in 
Akhtyarm  put  I  picture  of  the  battle  ants  painted  in  simple  language  and 
childish call it “ant war” left. I continued painting. Only thing that I ever had 
was my language. Never drawing / design did not give up. They were the 
only tools I speak and express myself. With paintings can communicate with 
all nationalities, and wrote a deal with Harry’s streams.



Curriculum Vitae





No. 52,5th eastern Street ,Gohardasht , Karaj, Tehran, Iran

Phone:(+98) 26-344 55 136

Mobil Phone: (+98) 912-565 49 44








2002-2004:                Certificate in Painting, Varounej University, Russian

2004-2009:                     BA in Painting, Elm-o- Farhang University, Tehran, Iran.

          Senior Project: A Study of contemporary Iranian Painter "Ali Zakeri ".

2012:                      Certificate in Stone Sculpturing with  Luca Marovino from Art University "Regio Calabria" in Italy.


Teaching Experiences:

2013:                        Assisstance of Mojdeh Art Gallery.

2013:                        Art Manager in Zhinous Art Gallery (for 6 month).

2012:                        Office Manager in Art institute of Society Iranian Painters

2011-2012:                       Instructor, Golhaye Kherad, Kindergarten and   Primary School, Karaj, Iran

                              Courses taught: Drawing (Basics); Color in Visual Arts

2011-2012:                        Instructor, Golhaye  Kherad, Guidance School, Karaj, Iran

                              Courses taught: Iran s History of Art, Drawing (Basics and Advanced); Color in              Visual Arts,and Introduction to Visual Arts (Studio).                                          

2010:                         Free Instructor, Mare fat, Industrial School, Karaj ,Iran.

                               Courses taught: Drawing (Basics and Advanced).


                               Certificate for Performance, Mahe-e-Mehr Institute, Tehran, Iran.

2005:                          Certificate for Patina (Old Design in Decorative), Tehran

                              University, Iran

Extra-curricular Experiences:

2014:                  Publish my 2 works in "State of The Art, artist s book/Volume II " by Gallery Aberta in Portugal

2013:                       Advertising my work in Art Slant site for Art Basel Miami Beach.

2013:                       Publish my 3 works in "State of The Art, artist s book" by Gallery Aberta in Portugal.

2013:                       Photographer in Cinema Project "Mahtab s Boys" with director: Mehdi Vedadi.

2012:                        Make Sculpture for "Sculpture Garden" in Iran.

2012:                        Advertising my work "Identity" in Art Slant site for Art/Basel, Miami.

2012:                        Published my works in "Black Book" in Iran.

2011:                        Photographer & Film-taking & Reporter in theater .                                                                          2011:                       Cooperation with "Visualization of Art" Art Magazine ,Tehran ,Iran.

2011:                        Cooperation with "Namayesh" Magazine, Tehran, Iran.

2011:                        Cooperation with "Pana"   News Agency, Tehran, Iran.

2011:                        Cooperation with "Vanews" News Agency, Tehran, Iran.

2011:                        Certificate for Video Art and Video Installation, Mahe-e-Mehr

                               Institute, Tehran , Iran.

2010-2011:                  Cooperation with "Melat-e-Ma"   Newspaper, Tehran, Iran





2012:                          Membership in Stuckist Group in Tehran/Iran.

2010:                          Membership in Institute for Promotion of Visual Arts, Tehran, Iran.

Since 2009:                    Membership in Society of Iranian Painters (SIP), Tehran, Iran.

Since 2004:                    Membership in Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art research,

                               Tehran, Iran.

Solo exhibition:

2010:                       Solo exhibition in Mojdeh Art Gallery



2015:                     3rd Grand Festival of Art for Peace .Niavaran Culture Center .Tehran

2015:                      Group Contemporary Exhibition “The Woman in Contemporary Iranian Art” in Yerevan.            Armenia.

2015:                       Attending in 4th smaller Painting in Aria Gallery.Tehran.

2015:                        Group Exhibition “Mojdeh s Annual” in Mojdeh Art Gallery.Tehran.

2014:                          Group Contemporary  Exhibition in Rafsanjan,Kerman.

2014:                         Contemporary Exhibition “War & Peace” for Human Rights in Italy.

2014:                          Group Painting Exhibition in “Y Art Studio”.


2013:                          Iranian Contemporary Art "Selective 1" in Kerman Province By Mojdeh Art Gallery.

2013:                          Group Stuckist Painting Exhibition in “Dey Art Gallery” .Iran.

2013:                          Private Painting show in "y Art Studio".

2013:                          Group Painting Exhibition "Women Iranian Painters" in House of Artists.

2013:                          Group Painting Stuckist Exhibition "stuck on the cross" in "Tabernacle Gallery"

                                London ,England,.  

2013:                          2nd Annual Juried International Exhibition of Contemporary Islamic Art In          Texas,USA.                                                                                                                    

2013:                          Group Painting exhibition "Iranian Contemporary Art "in "Arsh Gallery ",Dubai

2013:                          Group Painting and Drawing exhibition "Little  Picture" in "Aria  Art Gallery"                                     Tehran ,Iran.    

2012:                          Group Painting Exhibition " Autumn , Winter" in House s Artists.

2012:                          Attending in Sherveh Festival.

2012:                          Group Painting Exhibition in "Contemporary Art Museum" in Esfahan City,


2012:                          Group Photo Media& Photo Painting Exhibition "Turoma" by Iranian Young

                                Contemporary Artist in  "Middle East Art Gallery ", Tehran , Iran.

2012:                          First Festival Painting Street in "Shirin Gallery", Tehran, Iran.

2012:                          Attending in Group Exhibition "Second Painting s Bazar Tehran "from

                                Invitation Society of Iranian Painter (SIP) , Tehran, Iran.

2012:                          Group Painting Exhibition "Contemporary Iranian Artists" in" Middle East

                                Art Gallery" , Tehran ,Iran.

2012:                          Group Painting Exhibition in Lion  ,France ,(with  judgment Lion Academy).

2012:                          Group Painting Exhibition in Laleh Gallery, Tehran, Iran.

2012:                          Group Painting Exhibition(SIP) in Iran Artists House ,Tehran, Iran.

2011:                          Group Drawing Exhibition "unknown paper"  ,in Parking Gallery ,Tehran,


2010:                         Attend in Group Exhibition "First Painting s Bazar" from invitation Society

                             Iranian Painters (SIP), Tehran, Iran.

2008:                         Group Painting Exhibition, "New Generation", Tehran, Iran.

2008:                         Group Drawing Exhibition, in Art cafe, Tehran, Iran.

2008:                         2 Drawing Workshops, in "Mah-e-Mehr" Institute , Tehran, Iran.


Art Expo:

2014:                        Attending in Art Expo NYC .



2013:                     First Auction “Omid” Middle East Gallery.In Hotel Azadi.Tehran.Iran

2015:                The young collectors modern and contemporary  Islamic and Indian  art.Bonhams.London




Persian, Russian, English.