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Venice FL
mixed-media, photography, digital
Foto Dono

I am an accidental artist - My ideas and style come from unexpected, the unknown, the disorderly, the absurd, and the impossible. By being open to accidents I can create the visuals that can inspire and move people. 

My main tool in this has been photography. The art and science of film photography shaped and molded my earlier efforts as I learned the traditional skills of painting, drawing, and sculpture. When digital photography came forth I embraced the pixel with open arms and sought to incorporate its qualities into my work. 

It’s this current blend of traditional skills and my understanding of today’s tools that my visuals come forth. 

My educational experiences have been many but here are the ones that stand out in my mind. 

Booker High VPA Art, Sarasota, FL 
Valencia Community College, Photography, Orlando, FL 
Study Abroad University, Art History via FSU, Florence, Italy 
Florida State University, Photography, Tallahassee, FL 

I've also served just over a year on the Board of Directors of the now disbanded, non-proffit ARTarget. An arts organization that helped promote artists and provided educational services. 

I've been in many art shows over the years which are too numerous too mention here. 

I currently have a public art work installed in a Library in Port Charlotte, FL. A wall mural painted in the children section.

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