Stanton Hunter

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migration grid #26, 2009 Clay 120"W X ~60" H X ~36"D
pandemic, 2009 Mixed Media 6"X 5"X 3"
un-tidaled, 2009 Clay 14" X 11" X 11"
Un-Tidaled, installation view, 2009 Clay
migration grid #7, 2006 Clay Variable © 2006
migration grids, 2006 Clay Variable © 2006
accumulations, 2008 Pallets And Glass Variable © 2008
shard towers, 2008 Clay And Glass 9' Tall
Dirt Break (detail), 2003 Mulch, Chicken Wire, Plaster, Burlap ~18'w X 3'h X 6'd
Prepared Floor Crack, 2000 Cement Floor, Found Crack, Cleaned, Gold Leaf And Acrylic Variable
untitled unvesseled, 2006 Fired And Unfired Clay, Water ~10 Yards
Terrain Series, 2009 Fused Sand, Clay Variable
Migration Grid #26, 2011 Clay Variable © 2011
Migration Grid #31-#34, 2011 Ceramic
Migration Grid 34, 2011 Porcelain 1' X 1'x 1'
Migration Grid #28, 2011 Ceramic
Migration Grid 39, 2011 Porcelain 16" X 12" X 10"
Quick Links, 2012 Ceramics 14" X 10" X 9" Each
Overview, Homeless Pavilions, 2010 Mixed Media ~8' X 4' X 3' Each
Migration Grid 3.0, 2014 Clay 10 X 36 X 13 Inches
untitled, 2014 Clay 20" X 13" X 12"
Architecture Elements #2, 2015 Ceramic 8"X5"X3"
Architecture Elements #3, 2015 Ceramic 6"X6"X6"
intimate corners, 2016 Clay 8"X 4" X 4" © 2016
intimate corners b, 2016 Clay 10" X 5" X 4" © 2016
intimate corners c, 2016 Clay 4" X4" X 4" © 2016
Intimate Corners series, 2016 Ceramic 8" X 5" X 4" © the artist
Quick Facts
Lives in
ceramics, mixed-media, installation, sculpture

My approach to art making is to enliven taken-for-granted environments, often by marking out overlooked yet interesting things by reframing and re-contextualizing them. I try to do this subtly, where the room or the field remain a room or a field, but suggest other times, places or occurrences. My emphasis is on creating visual and conceptual delight, where cracks may become rivers, or mulch transforms into an ocean wave. I enjoy using materials and objects in ways that challenge how they are normally used or seen, that bring different associations and perspectives together in unusual ways.

Although I am a confirmed object maker, I have been influenced by the Light & Space movement that did away with the object, so I often employ material to evoke the immaterial or the ephemeral. The interface between object making and Light and Space art is architecture, so references to architecture often appear in my work.


Stan Hunter, Associate Professor of Art, Chaffey College

Selected Publications

500 Ceramic Sculptures, Lark Books, 2009

Ceramics Art & Perception, vol. 69, 2007, “Stanton Hunter, Butterfly Migration Grids”, by             Rebecca McGrew

  The World of Contemporary Public Art -  Ceramic Works, Zhang Yushan, 2007

American Craft, Gallery section, Aug/Sept 2006

Garden Design Magazine, May/June 2003, photo and article

Artweek, review, February 2000


Selected exhibitions

Public Art

• Core Samples, Cal State Bakersfield, 2008

• Migration Grid #6, 4th floor atrium, Natural Sciences II, University of California, Irvine, 2006

• “September Garden” sculpture, Pasadena Showcase House of Design, 2002

• Shard Towers, Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena, 2002

• Numerous temporary indoor and outdoor installations in various Newtown Pasadena and Armory             Center for the Arts shows

 •Outdoor sculpture, Palos Verdes Art Center, Palos Verdes, 2000-2007


Selected Solo Shows

2008 Accumulations, Project_210. Pasadena

2006  “Butterfly Migration Grids”, School of Evolutionary Biology, University of California Irvine

2006 Migration Grids, Chouinard School of Art, South Pasadena             

2003  Consuming Art, Bistro 1000, Alhambra (3 person show)

2002  American Viewing Stones, Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena


Selected Group Shows         

2008 Northwest Passage; Armory NW, Pasadena

2007  Forms & Shapes; Inspired by Architecture, AKAR Gallery, Iowa City, Iowa

2007 Alter Ego; F.A.R. at MorYork Gallery, Highland Park, California

2006 Taste of Masters International Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition, Jingdezhen, China

2005  EcoArts: Lake County Sculpture Walk 2005, Middletown, California

2005 & 2002 Scripps Faculty Show; Scripps College, Claremont

2004  Big Rock Garden International Sculpture Exhibition, Bellingham, Washington

2004 Celebrating Nature, Craft and Folk Art Museum of Los Angeles

2004 Armory Installational; Armory NW, Pasadena

2003 Open Haus; Haus Gallery inaugural show, Pasadena

2003 Nominated to participate in the Florence Biennial

2003 In the Nursery; Armory NW, Pasadena

2003 Outdoor Installational; Armory NW, Pasadena

2002-03 3-person show (Armory faculty); Armory Center for the Arts. Pasadena

2001 Porcelain 2001, Esmay Fine Art, Rochester, New York

2001 National Small Works Exhibition, Schoharie County Arts Council, Cobleskill, New York

2001 Small Packages, Wood Street Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

2000 Big Sculpture; Palos Verdes Art Center, Palos Verdes                                        

2000 Big Bang; Shoshanna Wayne Gallery, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica

1999 Outside In Exhibition; Muckenthaler Cultural Center, Fullerton

1998 Ceramics Biennale; Gauteng, South Africa                                                                                     

1998 All California Juried Art Exhibition; San Diego Museum of Art, San Diego

1997 Metamorphosis - A Juried Exhibition; Constance Lindholm Fine Art, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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