Atzin Garcia

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Destruction, 2011 Oil Painting
Get Up, 2012
LOVE Collage And Mixed Media
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mixed-media, surrealism, conceptual
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Born in Mexico City in 1994, Atzin started to have a love to the art since the first day she was able to draw, starting imitating cartoons, and painting everything around her, she decided the art was the right thing for her. She started to studied art at the age of 11, starting with an oil painting class, continuing her studies in Chicago IL at the SAIC precollege classes, where she started to use different medias and mix them with oil paint, creating artwork with meaning, artwork that represented what was happening in the society with a lyrical background. She worked in some artistic projects like After Dark art battle at the age of 17 when she won the second place, and art to change the world, with Barbara Koenen. Also she has exhibited around Chicago more than 12 times, in places like "The Fine Art Building" , "Uri- Eichen Gallery", " Wicker Park art center", etcetera. Right now she continue studying at Chicago and Digital Art career, meanwhile she is working in projects that represents an experience in our self prison.


Moraine Valley Community College (present)

AP Art student at the Curie High School present (Chicago, IL,US) 

School of the Art Institute 2010- present (Chicago, IL, US)

Marwen 2010 - present (Chicago, IL, US)

Claustro de Sor Juana 2009 -2010 (Mexico city)

Casa de la cultura 2006 - 2007 (Mexico city)


2012  August       Festival de Arte en la villa                               Little Village,Chicago, IL, US

2012    May                    Sin Fronteras                                              Casa Ciudad de Mexico en Chicago, IL,US

2012    April                      Uri-Eichen Gallery                                                                    Pilsen, Chicago, IL, US

2012    March                         Wicker Park Art center                                                            Wicker park, Chicago, IL, US 

2012    March                              (solo) Adelante mujer migrante                                                         Casa Aztlan ,Chicago, IL, US

2012   December/February                   (solo )Efebinas coffee shop                                                                 Pilsen, Chicago,IL, US

2011    October                                  Pilsen Open Stuido                                                           Casa Michoacana, Arte Festival Chicago, IL, US

2011    October                               Villapalooza                                                                                      Art Festival Chicago, IL, US

2011    August                     (solo)  Hazme sentir …                                                                  The Fine Art Building, Chicago, IL, US


2010    September       Centennial of the Mexican revolution                                            The Museum of Mexican Art, Chicago, IL, US


2010     August     Villa arte                                                                             Art Festival, Chicago, IL, US

2010    August           Radio - arte anniversary                                                The Museum of Mexican Art, Chicago, IL, US      


2012        Teen Voice (Article's Illustration) 

2011                      Radio - Arte (Interview)

2011        GLOBEDIA (article)

2011                      Yahoo (Article)

2011         SDP noticias (Article)

2011                     Chicago Noticias (Article)

2011         Zocalo Saltillo (Article)

2011                      Pulso Politico (Article)

2011          Mexicanal (Article)

2011                       Diario de Yucatan (Article)

2011          Teen Voice ( Article's Illustration)


2011        After Dark   (art battle)                                             Art Institute of Chicago MODERN WING  Chicago IL,US


2011       Workshop to change the world : war/pacifism               Marwen, Chicago, IL, US

                  worked with: Barbara Koenen and Juliet Sorenson