Amit Ghosh

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Amit Ghosh, a young upcoming artist of Bengal,with lots of Ideas of His Dreamy world. His works are sensitive and have an dreamy images. The ‘Dream’ created by Amit Ghosh appears like a city growing out from a dark site on our environment with a yellow crescent moon, indicates his own feelings. The dream that has several phases of its own unfolds gradually through each of his paintings. In the materialistic world crescent moon is the symbol of love, energy, romantic feelings and beauty of life. All of his works has been collected in India and internationally. His paintings are just like the shadow of that can easily reflect that atmosphere which we can easily find in our dream and also can attract ourselves to go to the dreamy world from the din and bustle of the city with our nearest and dearest ones. In short, the ‘Dream’ will easily help us to find ourselves in a new mundane world.
Comment by: Amit Ghosh on Monday 10/08/12 at 2:16 AM