Carlos R. Couto

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Quick Facts
documentary-social-photography, photography, digital

Artist Statement

If we allow ourselves to be present, to be a part of every moment, we have a chance to witness an absolute truth - that beauty surrounds us at all times.  Each of our lives is rich with beauty, if we are careful enough to notice it.    
-Carlos R. Couto

About the Artist

Carlos R. Couto is a documentary photographer living in New York City.  A U.S. Army veteran, he discovered his talent for photography as he travelled the world while stationed overseas in South Korea.  His passion in photography is for capturing the small, forgotten moments of daily life, and the subtle but sublime details so rarely noticed.  Urban landscapes are a favorite theme, and he expresses them with a unique point of view, deliberately dignifying what is often seen as unsightly, insignificant, and undesired.  He has a particular taste for layered textures, rich color, and deep metaphor, often framing moments that speak insightfully of human truth.

Carlos is a fine art collector and patron of the arts.  He is represented by Tazza Gallery in Chelsea - NYC, supports International Women Artists' Salon, and manages contemporary artist Fernando Silva.


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