Paul Gladden

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Rose Photography Archival Inkjet © © 2013 Paul Gladden - All Rights Reserved
Natures' Gift Photography Archival Inkjet © © 2013 Paul Gladden - All Rights Reserved
Plastic Flower #1 - Tulip Photography 11x14, 16x24 1st Edition 50 © © Paul Gladden 2016 All Rights Reserved
Plastic Flower #2 - Tulip Photography 11x16, 16x24 1st Edition 50 © © Paul Gladden 2016. All Rigihts Reserved.
Plastic Flower #3 Unkown Photography 11x16, 16x24 1st Edition 50 © © Paul Gladden 2016. All Rigihts Reserved.
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Art Center College of Design
color, digital photography, florals, nature, flowers, micro, modern, traditional, photography, digital

Despite so many subjects of interest, nothing inspires more or do I find as gratifying than photographing flowers! Shooting flowers allows me to reconnect with the power of nature in one of its most sublime forms. 

As is the case with any photo I take, often I must be still and await the subjects' acknowledgement. Doing so creates a relationship of commonality necessary before attempting to capture its essence. Then like a honeybee, I explore going deep inside seeking what is not readily seen but there non-the-less and then sharing with others a visual honey. 

Although I have used other camera formats in other areas of photography, I find working within the confines of a point & shoot allows for a certain freedom, spontaneity and joy in the happen-stance of that moment along with a good dose of patients for just the right pattern of leaves, light, or petals, etc. 

Enjoy and thank you! 



Born in the Bronx - New York, Paul Gladden is a photographer and graphic designer living and working in Pasadena CA. He attended Art Center College College of Design in Pasadena California and graduated with a B.F.A. in Graphic Design/Packaging. It was while attending Art Center his interest in photography was re-ignited and sharpened leading him to pursue nature and landscape photography.

Following graduation he went on to design award-winning media and print for Nike in Portland Oregon, NBC/Universal in Burbank California and the Los Angeles Times in Los Angeles California, CNM Network in Simi Valley and the Tap Root Foundation of Los Angeles. Paul has also taught media and graphic design at Art Center Saturday High program and undergrad program.  

Prior to attending Art Center, Paul also worked freelance shooting editorial and documentary for Associated Press International, the New York Times and Elan Magazine all in NYC in addition to producing graphic design. His studies have included art history, studio art, illustration and design at the following: Art Students League, Parsons School of Design and the School of Visual Arts all in New York City, along with Howard University and the Cocoran School of Art in Washington DC.   

Paul was recently interviewed by Tony Luna for an article to be featured in the latest issue of the online publication Bo-keh: The Art and Life of Photography; as well as having participated in a group exhibition held at Gallery At The Top of The World.