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Boulder, CO
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Boulder, CO
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pop, mixed-media, arts-education, installation, collective, digital, graffiti/street-art, gallery, conceptual, sculpture, exhibition/performance

cypher13 is an interdisciplinary design team striving to improve the human experience.

We recognize the opportunity for communication that we've created and with it the inherent responsibility. From this responsibility stems a commitment to enrich culture through the creation and execution of our work.

While design is often equated to or loosely defined as an artfully strategic approach to problem solving or to the formulation of a plan intended to prompt some effect, we believe it's much more. Design is language and is part of a greater system intended for encoding and delivering information. Like all languages, design requires extensive experience to speak fluently. cypher13 speaks design - fluently. It's the language of our work.

The clients we choose to align with and projects we choose to contribute to are carefully considered. We leave a portion of ourselves within every project we take on. Projects that possess integrity, convey forward-thinking, and signal social relevance are sought after, those lacking character - avoided. We aim to create lasting, significant work. In order to have the opportunity do so we must choose our projects wisely.

The cypher13 team is made up of three; Alex Henry, Lucian Foehr, and Todd Berger. The "three" have been producing professional design work as a team for a combined 25 years. The collective cypher13 mentality is simple, all for one - one for all. There is no hierarchy. The best idea always wins. The end goal is always the same - good design.