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Rough Waters, 2012 Oil On Canvas 24 X 36 Inches © 2012
At Sea, 2012 Oil On Canvas 24 X 36 Inches © 2012
Amoreena's Tree, 2012 Oil On Canvas © 2012
Cross Impression 1, 2012 Oil On Canvas 48 X 24 Inches © 2012
Angel Impression 1, 2012 Oil On Canvas © 2012
Tree Cut Off, 2011 Oil On Canvas © 2011
A Wintering Tree, 2010 Oil On Canvas 18 X 24 Inches © 2010
Emerence, 2010 Oil On Canvas © 2010
The Prince and the Dragons, 2009 Oil On Canvas 36 X 24 Inches © 2009
Madame Reading, 2009 Oil On Canvas © 2009
Day One, First Steps, 2011 Oil On Canvas © 2011
Reflection, 2012 Oil On Canvas © 2012
Iris Field, 1998 Oil On Canvas © 1998
All of Myself , 2012 © Mark Minier
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Grand Rapids, MI
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Plymouth, MI, USA
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Plymouth, MI, USA
Eastern Michigan University, 1993, B.S.
flowers, trees, Tree, writer, interpretive, inferred, impressionist, impressionism, Water, ocean, baptise, baptism, angel, seascape, landscape, traditional

Growing up just south of Grand Rapids, in Wyoming, Michigan, I went to school at Godwin Heights High School.  I am an alumni of Eastern Michigan Universities School of Technology.  I have been painting oil on canvas since 1998.   

I love the self expression aspect of painting.  The best explanation I can give here is to quote Paul Klee, "art does not reproduce the visible, it makes visible."   When I look at groups of my paintings, I see them autobiographical pages.  For many of my paintings I can still recall the song I was listening to during the rendering.

It is hard for me to describe my painting process.  I am starting to think Nike has a pretty good slogan, “just do it.”  I know there is beautiful art that is planned out and created all the time, but I “just do it.”  I don't plan out a lot of my work.  I regurgitate it.  My work is at it's best when it is not forced out but permitted to come forth.  I do what comes naturally and develop what I see.  With most pieces I find an interpretation of what I was expressing a while later. 

I paint with a more impressionist style because even though I like details, I am not so hardwired to them.  I like them present, but not overpowering the composition.  My goal is to paint something meaningful to me at the time and I hope it translates into a genuineness that you can perceive.  If my paintings are sufficiently abstract and well rendered, you can catch a bit of myself in one instance and a glimpse of yourself in the next.  I tend to cross over language from one form of expression to another.  Ie., I use words associated with written language for visual art and vice versa.  So that said, I hope you not enjoy, but also read the images you connect with.  There is a literal interpretation, as well as, an inferred or abstract, that may speak to you in a more direct or personal way.  I actually learned this by letting precious, insightful kindergarteners that have no filter, critique my paintings and since then from my own experience.  An "art parent" program has provided me opportunities to teach about art and share my point of view in my son's classroom.  I am sure they have taught me as much as they have learned from me.  It has been a great experience.

I am currently working on two writing projects.  One, a deeply inspiring sports story, is on pace to wrap up the year, and the other is a bit more abstract, and may be completed as early as 2013/2014.  My completed titles are Emerence, A Wintering Story, and Mrs. Morgan’s Thunderbirds.  

Emerence the book, is available at: 

Emerence is a coming of age, romantic adventure, where the main character Orion learns about love, life, and relationships, and overcoming difficulties by going on two separate journeys into adulthood.  

A Wintering Story, and Mrs. Morgan’s Thunderbirds are picture books that I am seeking a place to have them published.

God bless.


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Planned events for 2013:
The Town Peddler of Livonia spring (June) and fall (September) outdoor art mart,
ArtPrize 2013: September 18 - October 6, Downtown Grand Rapids, MI, venue T.B.D.
ArtPrize is the world's largest art competition
Commitment for solo show and sale:
Mentobe Café:  November 2 - 27, 33336 Grand River - Farmington, MI - 248-987-6481

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