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Los Angeles, CA
blogging, Culture, fashion, modern, photography, digital, graffiti/street-art
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I was born with an inherent magnetism towards Southern California culture, thrifting, multi-ethnic cuisine and music. I knew from early on I was destined to be an artist when I received the much coveted award for coloring the best picture in 1st grade, and later in 5th grade when I was commissioned to design the poster for our Cancer Awareness assembly (which included a lot of fluffy bows).

Like my writing, my art is heavily based upon my own life experiences. I frequently draw or photograph my emotions, and so art has become my “dish session” of sorts. I’ve replaced my friends with pen, paper, images and other mediums that have allowed me to address everything from dating to my childhood.

It is my hope, that my art evokes the same emotion that I feel when I view other artists work: be it happiness, sympathy, encouragement, inspiration or even the occasional “ OMG!”.

“Irresistibly Resilient Even Near the End" Irene

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