Nadine Robbins

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Double Gulp, 2015 Oil On Canvas 24x24 Inches © Nadine Robbins
SheRa, 2015 Oil 24x24 © ©2015 Nadine Robbins
In Memory of Henry, 2015 Oil 24x24 © ©2015 Nadine Robbins
Davida, 2014 Oil 68x40 © ©2015 Nadine Robbins
The Boy with the Dragon Sweatshirt, 2013 Oil 36"X36" © ©2015 Nadine Robbins
Mrs. McDonald, 2013 Oil 24x18 © ©2015 Nadine Robbins
The Rolling Buns, 2009 Oil 72x48 © ©2015 Nadine Robbins
The Golden Gown, 2011 Oil 72x48 © ©2015 Nadine Robbins
Acacia and the Bowman, 2010 Oil 72x48 © ©2015 Nadine Robbins
Moxie, 2012 Oil 24 X 32 © ©2015 Nadine Robbins
The Bright Lights of Broadway, 2009 Oil 72x48 © ©2015 Nadine Robbins
Eggistencial, 2014 Oil 50x40 © ©2015 Nadine Robbins
Epic, 2014 Oil 24x18 © ©2015 Nadine Robbins
Molly and Zoe, 2011 Oil 72x48 © ©2015 Nadine Robbins
A beautiful pair of socks, 2009 Oil 72x48 © ©2015 Nadine Robbins
Bad Habit, 2012 Oil 36x36 © ©2015 Nadine Robbins
The Blue Earring, 2013 Oil 18x18 © ©2015 Nadine Robbins
The Blue Wein, 2013 Oil 24x24 © ©2015 Nadine Robbins
Peace, 2014 Oil 66x72 © ©2015 Nadine Robbins
Oysters in the Afternoon, 2014 Oil 18x36 © ©2015 Nadine Robbins
Erotic Oyster, 2013 Oil 24x18 © ©2015 Nadine Robbins
Delicious Oysters, 2015 Oil 18x18 © ©2015 Nadine Robbins
Red, White and Blue Oyster, 2015 Oil 8x8 © ©2015 Nadine Robbins
The Fleetian Dozen, 2015 Oil 36x18 © ©2015 Nadine Robbins
Martha's Half Dozen, 2014 Oil 12x12 © ©2015 Nadine Robbins
Naked Oysters, 2013 Oil 24x18 © ©2015 Nadine Robbins
Primary Oysters, 2013 Oil 12x12 © ©2015 Nadine Robbins
Lady Marmalade, October 2015 Oil On Canvas 36 X 24 Inches © Nadine Robbins
OIL WATER BRONZE, Opens December 4, 2015
Upside Down, February 2016 Oil On Linen 24 X 24 Inches © Nadine Robbins
Quick Facts

Nadine Robbins’ artistic style has evolved through a lifetime connection with art. She grew up in France, where her mother was an artist and introduced her to many artists including Salvador Dali. Coming of age in a family and culture steeped in visual art steered her course. She completed her BFA in Graphic Design at the State University of New York at New Paltz and Middlesex Polytechnic in London. Nadine initially chose a career in graphic design where she achieved considerable success as the founder of her own firm, Namaro Graphics, while also developing and honing her skills in photography and painting.

In 2008, while looking through some of her old high-school artwork, Nadine came across a portrait of her brother she had painted as a young girl and something in her changed. She remembered how much she loved to paint portraits, how passionate she was about art, and, specifically, the introduction to the artist Salvador Dali. His realism and concepts both intrigued and fascinated her, and it was then she knew it was time to move forward, revisit her past, and creatively start over.

Working in her Hudson Valley studio Robbins has developed her artistic practice, receiving important commissions and critical acclaim for her work. Nadine is a gifted photographer who uses her own original photos as the starting point of her paintings. Largely self-taught as an artist, Nadine has worked under master portrait painter and teacher Paul McCormack to perfect her techniques. Rejecting traditionally ‘staged’ portraiture, Robbins prefers to convey life, emotion, authenticity and often humor in her subjects.

Her large portraits The Rolling Buns (2008) and Acacia and the Bowman (2009)  traveled to London to be included in the Royal Society of Portrait Painters two years in a row (2010-2011). And her double portrait The Golden Gown, was hailed by critic Keith Shaw as "the best nude oil painting I've seen in the Berkshires outside The Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute in Williamstown. MA. Nadine Robbins is a superb figure painter, and her double portrait is an American masterpiece." 

Nadine’s portraits garner attention from critics and collectors alike.  Huffington Post art critic, John Seed, chose Robbins’ Mrs. McDonald as one of his “Ten Memorable Paintings for 2013.” Seed praised the “sultry mood and unique beauty” of the image, and was then inspired to write a second article --  “An Alluring Woman with Fries” -- dedicated to analyzing the painting more completely.  Several of Nadine’s portraits are part of the prestigious The Tullman Collection in Chicago, including Double Gulp a recent portrait of renowned collector Howard Tullman. 

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