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Video Still © alexhnichols
Video Still, Photograph © Alexhnichols
Video Still, Photograph © alexhnichols
Photograph © alexhnichols
Photograph © alexhnichols
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San Francisco
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San Francisco
California College of the Arts, 2011, MFA
Claremont Colleges
poetry reading performance, visual/poetry, mixed-media, video-art, performance, modern, photography, conceptual, exhibition/performance


2011     M.F.A.          Writing                                        California College of the Arts   

1991     B.A.             Performance & Culture             Pitzer College                          


2013     "XX6" Fisch Haus XX Women's Exhibition Wichita KS

2011     “Feel Tank,” Little City Gardens, San Francisco, CA. Curated by Miranda Mellis

2010     “Breaking Ranks-Human/Nature,” Headlands Center For The Arts, CA

               Curated by Amanda Davidson 


2012      “Selves,” Levi Art, San Francisco CA

2011     “Transfer Station,” SF Recology, San Francisco, CA

2010    “Alexandra’s Heteronyms,” Modernism West, San Francisco, CA

2008     “Inter—diagram,”  Levy Art & Architecture, San Francisco,CA

2006     “Painting and Text”  Levy Art & Architecture, San Francisco,CA

2003     “Periphery,” Galerie Roenland, Norway

2002     “Inversion,”  Wimpole Hall, UK

1999     “Sound as color,”  Argonauta Gallery, Martha’s Vineyard, MA


2012     SF Environment Film Festival

2011    “Undifferentiated light,” Gallerie Califia, Horazd’ovice, Czech Republic

2011    “SF Recology ” Embarcadero Four, San Francisco, CA

2011    “SF Recology” Chronicle, San Francisco CA

2010    “Into The Dollhouse,” Arc Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2010    “Containment” Headlands Center for the Arts, CA

2009    “In,” Levy Art & Architecture, San Francisco, CA

2009    “Line,” Joseph Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA

2006     Collector’s Gallery, NH

2006    “Cutout,” Pitzer Galleries, Claremont, CA


2011     ArtMill, Bohemia, Czech Republic

2011     SF Recology, San Francisco, CA 

2010     All-College-Honors Award, California College Of Arts


— “er-ar-am-i” Poetry Online Publication

— Article on San Francisco Dump

— Blog on exhibit at SF Recology

— Review of Headlands Breaking Ranks, SF Weekly

— Review of exhibition in Norway Ringerikes Blad Norwegian Newspaper


XX6 Fisch Haus XX Women's Exhibition - Wichita, Kansas 2013

XX is a bi-annual invitational exhibition series that will feature five different female artists each year; every new group of participants being chosen by the previous five. This “tag” structure should, through its natural progression, offer an expansive range of work, both geographically and stylistically. There is no set criteria for acceptable medium or genre, as long as the work is unique and exceptional.                       

Ecopoesis Symposium/Forum - CCA-California College of Arts, 2012

For this symposium, we have adopted and adapted the term to describe how designers, scientists, artists, writers, and other thinkers are working to create human systems more compatible with Earth’s changing natural systems. This symposium is intended as the beginning of a conversation designed to ignite the development of better human systems. - On line poetry publication- Editor Tom Comitta 2012

er-ar-am-i  - each poetic form exposes the limit of language itself. A letter is stamped into the surface/ a single line drawn across the canvas plane articulating associations of form/sound/meaning.

Feel Tank - Curated by Miranda Mellis Performance/Reading,  2011
A series of collaborative enactments, readings, & performative experiments on urban farming, futurity, precarity, local agricultural history, & food politics, ethics & aesthetics. This event was dedicated to Little City Gardens! 

Galerie Califia, Tick Tock, Horazd'ovice, Czech Republic,  2011

This exhibition was a light and language installation using old windows from a breadmill and cutouts of poetry that created layers of text on the walls, ceiling and parallel lines of glass.

ArtMill - Artist In Residence, Czech Republic, Summer 2011

Working in the tradition of the concrete poets, Alex made 3 dimensional poems which reflected light and played with transparency as a metaphor. Other works used the old license plates with numbers and districts defining themselves in a jumble of collaged anonymity. The fact that most of the plates were from stolen cars across the border delighted the artist, giving the work another layer of sociocultural comment.

San Francisco Recology - Artist in Residence at the Dump, 2011

"I've always thought of my writing practice as being about collecting fragments of language, the small words and phrases that add up to one's daily existence," she says. "At the dump I've been able to very powerfully translate these ideas into the realm of the object. My goal was to truly merge my writing practice and my visual art practice, and I am so excited about how far I've gotten, how much I've been able to accomplish."

Headlands Center for the Arts, Breaking Ranks/Performance Reading - 2011

Containment—Reading/Performance: The diverse media in the multimedia exhibition and live performance project, including drawing, painting, photography, video, painting, sculpture, and literary installations, reveal the products and processes of culture as part and parcel of human nature, enough to make culture at least second nature for humans everywhere.

Modernism West Gallery - San Francisco - Alexandra's Heteronyms 2010

"Heteronyms" coined after Fernando Pessoa and his multiple identities. This exhibition is an exploration of identity and fragmentation.