Christopher Colon

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Beautiful Struggle, 2009 Oil And Gold Leaf On Canvas 36 X 72 © Chris Colon Originals 2012
Monster, 2012 Oil, Graphic Pen And 18kt Gold Leaf On Canvas 29 X 33 © Chris Colon Originals 2012
Dream Within A Dream, 2012 Mixed Media 23 X 31 © Chris Colon Originals 2012
Throne Of Dreams, 2012 Mixed Media 45 X 65 © Chris Colon Originals 2012
Throne Of Dreams, 2012 Mixed Media 45 X 65 © Chris Colon Originals 2012
Dream Within A Dream
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Lives in
Harlem, NY
Works in
New York, NY
Fashion Institute of Technology (NY), 2006, BFA
H.S. of Art & Design, 2002, General
music, angel b, originals, chris colon, Dreams, throne, mixed-media, pop, digital, graffiti/street-art

Chris Colon is an emerging artist who lives in Harlem, NYC. He graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2006 with a Bachelors degree in Graphic Design. While still in school he started a T-shirt company called bS Shirts with another artist. They created one of-a-kind t-shirts with designs that came straight out of their sketchbooks. They used the T-shirt as a platform to sell and display their artwork, and sold them on the streets of New York. bS Shirts was featured in magazine and newspaper publications such as "New York", "The Ave", "New York Newsday", "AM New York" "City Paper"and "V magazine" just to name a few. After gaining experience with bS Shirts, He now creates designs that promote his artwork and clothing line "Chris Colon Originals".

All of us at one point hold on to a dream. We want to be successful artists, basketball players, pianists, dancers, novelists, actors. We may take it seriously for a little while, obsessing over it, letting it consume our thoughts and daydreams. But most of us, as reality seeps in, let go of the dream. We begin to settle down with our life, conforming to the endless cycle of working, paying bills, sleeping, and working again.

But the Dream never dies. It stays sleeping during the day and comes out at night when you close your eyes. Whether terrifying or inspiring, the Dream calls out to you, provoking you, pushing you to reach for it, to follow it to the Throne of success that awaits for you. Listening to the voice of the Dream, you must make a choice. Keep the life of security and conformity, or travel into the darkness to find your awaiting paradise. Welcome, then, to The Throne of Dreams. The Throne of Dreams, a visual-audio collaboration between music artist and producer Angel B and graphic artist Chris Colon, explores the journey one protagonist takes to reach his kingdom of success. What we hope to achieve with this exhibition is to inspire others to create and follow their own paths to leading their dreams into their realities. This is the “Throne Of Dreams”.