belinda baardsen

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saudi arabia
University of Florida, 2003, JD
Endicott Colelge, 1997, BS
TEFL, 2011, TEFL
ESL, teacher, TEFL, Art, mixed-media, landscape, photography, digital
American ESL Teacher

Dear World,

I am an American Teacher TEFL Certified to teach ESL to students around the world. I started down this road a long long long time ago when I was a mere child, and the oldest of five siblings. And because my father was a sailor in the United States Navy he could not afford to sponsor all of my wild imaginings & desires to ride horses, paint, and more-and so, I had to (teach) for my ride. So, I started very young teaching people, but for the longest time I totally denied I was a teacher because people viewed teachers as being less.

Hence, I tried other things along the way, and found myself most unhappy. It wasn't until the world seemed to come to end in my personal life with the death of my dear friend, and husband, my horse of 20 years, my running budding, and a friends daughter--all within a 4 month period which inspired me to jump ship and run off to the ESL world of TEFL. And I've never regretted the discovery that at my core, I am an artist, explorer, and teacher.

I love looking at the world from an upside down perspective and (seeing) things that others simply don't get. It makes me chuckle, and giggle as if I were a girl of six with a secret. Oh, the wonders of the worlds secrets that a camera slung half casually over a shoulder can reveal with the eye of a teacher, while whispering: " child... look at this... and think...what does it mean?"

Yes, what does it all mean? I have no answers for you; because you were meant to find them for yourself. But, my job is to help inspire you, and by being catalyst; it is my hope that you will become all you were meant to be-especially happy.

So, look, think and learn the secrets only you were meant to find.


Belinda, American Ex Pat