Felice Zhukov

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Of Course I Love You Baby, February 2013 Acrylic On Canvas 30 X 40" © Felice Zhukov 2013
Welcome Enter with Caution I, 2012 Acrylic On Canvas 20 X 30" © Felice Zhukov 2012
FUCK YOU AND ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS, 02/02/2014 Acrylic Gouache On Canvas 30 X 40" © Felice Zhukov
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Ipswich, UK
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London Metropolitan University, 2009, BA Fine Art (hons)
pop, landscape, surrealism, modern, digital, graffiti/street-art

Felice Zhukov creates hyper detailed pop art tinged with imperialist and religious iconography. She works almost entirely from the imagination to create dystopian scenes that draw the viewer in and invite them to actively engage with each painting. Her work incorporates a vast spectrum of colour, initially generated on the computer and then rendered by hand and applied thinly onto the surface. The emphasis in her painting technique is on refining a flat but expressive style that adapts with each new work to explore representation and form in a vibrant, imaginative way.

Her inspiration and subject matter draw from a wide array of influences including cartoons and historical religious art. Narrative and satire play key roles in all the work, she utilises a cast of regular characters and her own breed of symbolism to express her observations of contemporary culture. There is a kawaii like aspect to her images, informed by global influences and pieced together from modern sources like the Internet. Juxtaposition exists in each piece contrasting between the cartoonish style and complex adult themes, making it open to a huge variety of interpretations. This openness and inclusivity is an important part of her artwork, with a recognisable approach to depicting each scene she invites everyone to explore her imagery.