Clare Carswell

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mixed-media, video-art, performance

My art practice is research based and encompasses inter-disciplinary art production underpinned by drawing and printmaking, critical writing, and curation. I make and exhibit in public sites, museums and galleries. My practice has become more project based often incorporating a hybrid of processes whilst becoming more participatory and inclusive to non-art as well as art audiences.

I bring together a combination of skills rooted in my training in printmaking and in a contemporary fine art practice; through the use of performance, drawing, printmaking, photography and video.

Several core themes are addressed in my work : the layering of human experience, memory and the passing of time articulated through inter generational interaction, sound and gesture, ritual, repetition and the signification of object. Contrasting historical and contemporary expressions of the libidinous or fertile female, depictions in medieval art, ecstatic dance practices, literature, pornography and digital and media.

My performative praxis has evolved from large scale gallery based works developed collaboratively with groups of performers and through a process of research, investigation and experimentation I am now working with performative and intuitive aspects of inhabiting a situation or space in an un-mediated and anonymous way, currently making solo performance work in public spaces in rural England, working with mobile phone technology, drawing, gesture and sound, engaging and collaborating with audience.