Keith Wilkie

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Surfside, 2012 Acrylic 32x46 © Keith Wilkie
Stranded, 2013 Acrylic 16x20 © Keith Wilkie
Coastal Sunrise, 2013 Oil 15x30 © Keith Wilkie
Mr Pelican, 2013 Oil 8x10 © Keith Wilkie
Shucked, 2013 Oil 8x10 © Keith Wilkie
Martini Chill, 2013 Oil 8x10 © Keith Wilkie
Quick Facts
oil, acrylic, cityscape, seascapes, marine, virginia, Carolina, MARTINI, seaside, ocean, coastal, boats, sailing, oyster, cafe, seascape, landscape
About the Artist

Sailor, beach lover & traveler from an early age, Keith's paintings capture the quiet, peaceful and sometimes stormy nature of familiar coastal scenes, landscapes and waterway subjects.  From the Chesapeake Bay and the Carolina coast to Europe, the Caribbean and beyond, his work evokes memorable maritime moments encountered by nearly all of us – whether it is a salty breeze at the beach, surf before an approaching storm, wildlife in a marsh or just fishing.    

 “My grandmother had a print of Winslow Homer's "Breezing Up" over her mantel and that scene pulled me in for as long as I can remember.  Water is definitely part of my soul, and it’s usually the salty variety.  I grew up fishing and boating with my grandfather and dad on the beaches and waterways of the Carolinas.  As an adult I spent years sailing in the Carolinas, in Charleston harbor and offshore, along the coast and the Chesapeake Bay, where I lived on my sailboat for a time.  I’m sure that in a prior life I was a pirate, fisherman or lowly crewman on some sailing vessel.  I can sit for hours and simply watch the water – whether rough or calm, sparkling from the sun or dark in the night, ocean or stream, lake or pond.  It’s calming for me – no matter what the circumstances.  I try to capture those feelings and their colors when I paint, regardless of the subject.”

 Keith has exhibited work in galleries and museums in New York, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Oregon, Wisconsin, California and the Carolinas.  Recently featured in ѐlan Magazine, American Art Collector, Southwest Art Magazine and Art Galleries and Artists of the South, his work has received numerous awards and is often selected to exhibit in prestigious marine and landscape art competitions. Painting from his home studio in McLean, VA, and from his 2nd home in Surfside Beach, SC, Keith’s work can be found in private collections across America and the U.K. 

 Keith is a member of the American Society of Marine Artists, American Impressionists Society, a Signature Member of the International Society of Acrylic Painters, and a member of Landscape Artists International.