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My work stems from a lengthy interest in the history of sculpture and form as an aesthetic feild of analysis. The objects I make attempt to articulate a precarious power of awkwardness or barely cohearant balance over harmony and psychological presence of form.

I am currently exploring the staging of art for photographs, focusing on the photographs of sculpture made by the Modernist avantguarde particularly Medardo Rosso, Maria Martins and Constantin Brancusi. Recently I have collaborated with Tamara Henderson on a 16mm film that animates our sculptural work and made several short digital videos staging my sculptures in outdoor settings.

I was born on a small island off the coast of South Australia, and completed my art education in Adelaide. I have since lived and worked in Australia, Japan, Sweden and Britain.  In 2010 I was awarded the Anne and Gordon Samstag Scholarship and chose to study at the Kunglia Konsthogskolan in Stockholm. On completing my course in 2012 I relocated from Sweden to London.