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Study of Barney Hodes, 2009 Plywood, Bubble Wrap, Chicken Wire, Hay, Straw, Fence Wire 6'8" X 2'8" Feet
I want to be an artist or nothing - 1962, age 5, October (Brille Art), 2011 Arcylic (This Is A Series Of 7 Brille Art) Tbd
Study of Michaelangelo Buonarroti, 2009 Plaster 40 X 24 X 27 Centimeters
Study of Michaelangelo Buonarroti, September 2009 Cararra Marble Life Sized
Study of Dante Alighieri, 2009 Plaster 68 X 48 X 47 Centimeters
Study of Lorenzo Medici, 2009 Black Resin W23 X H28 X D18
Study of "Japanese Anime" Character, August 2011 Japanese Argilla Tbd
Study of Character, 2011 Clay/Plaster Tbd
Bologna Disc Jockey, December 2011 (Bronze Completed in March 2012) Clay (Plaster & Bronze) 48 X 27 X 36 Inches
What a piece of work is a man, December 2011 (Bronze Completed in March 2012) Clay Study For Bronze Sculpture 48 X 33 X 30 Centimeters
Hamlet holding Yorick's skull..., December 2012 Clay Study For Bronze Sculpture 47 X 28 X 33 Centimeters
Hamlet holding Yorick's skull..., December 2012 Bronze 28 X 47 X 33
Hamlet holding Yorick's skull..., December 2012 (Bronze Completed in March 2013) Bronze 28 X 47 X 33
Le Variazioni, BWV 1052-III , Jan 2012 Plaster/Bronze W17 X H19 X W14
Study of Victor Hugo, Jan 2012 Plaster Or Bronze W17 X H19 X W14
Study of Victor Hugo, Jan. 2012 Bronze 22 X 18 X 17 Centimeters
Study of Paul Cézanne, Jan. 2012 Plaster Or Bronze W18 X H25 X D12
Study of Paul Cézanne, Jan. 2012 Bronze 25 X 18 X 12 Centimeters
La Messa da Requiem - Giuseppe Verdi, Jan 2013 Plasterlin Study For Bronze Sculpture 32 X 21 X 16 Centimeters
Giuseppe Verdi, June 2013 Plaster/Bronze (Bronze Will Be Complete On December 2013) 30 X 22 X 17 Centimeters
Study of Khenchen Tsewang Gyatso Rinpoche, June 2012 (Bronze will be complete in November 2013) Clay Study For Bronze Sculpture 26 X 28 X 19cm
Study of Female Life Sized Torso - (scultura a grandezza naturale), March 2012 Clay/Plaster Life Sized
Study of Female Life Sized Torso - (scultura a grandezza naturale), March 2012 Clay/Plaster Life Sized
Life Size Male Torso, 06/2013 Clay Life Size
Study of life sized male torso (scultura a grandezza naturale), 03/17/2013 Clay/Plaster Life Sized
Female Torso, 06/2013 Clay 1/3
Study of Life Sized Female - (scultura a grandezza naturale), June 2013 Clay Study Life Sized
Study of Life Sized Female - (scultura a grandezza naturale), June 2013 Clay Study Life Sized
Study of Female Life Sized Torso - (scultura a grandezza naturale), December 2012 Clay/Plaster Life Sized © ©October Butler
Portrait of the artist as Anime, 2011 Drawing Life Size (Tbd) © ©October Butler
Untitled - arte dell'installazione, December 2012 Clay (Plaster/Resin) 39 X 17 X 17 Centimeters
Untitled - arte dell'installazione, December 2012 Clay Study For Plaster Cast 37 X 17 X 17 Centimeters
Untitled - arte dell'installazione , 2012 Clay (Plaster/Resin) 21 X 54 X 17 Centimeters © ©October Butler
Gaudi, 2014 Plasterlina Tbd
Gaudi, 2014 Plasterlina Tbd
Gaudi, 2014 Plasterlina Tbd
Gaudi, 2014 Plasterlina
Gaudi, 2014 Plasterlina
Gaudi, 2014 Plasterlina
Gaudi, 2014 Plasterlina
Campanello di Gaudi, 2014 Plasterlina
verdi/gemito, may 2014 Plasterlna/Bronze Life Size
Quick Facts
Lives in
Brooklyn NYC & Firenze, Italy
Works in
Brooklyn NYC & Firenze, Italy
Florence Academy of Art, Florence Italy, 2013, Certificate
The Art Students League of New York, 2009
Grand Central Academy of Art New York, 2009
Representing galleries
Studio 108 Firenze
unique style, abstract-expressionism, contemporary, anime, renaissance, tradition, Classical-Realist, figurative, sculpture, mixed-media, installation, conceptual, pop, surrealism, modern, traditional, graffiti/street-art, exhibition/performance
October's bio

Ottobre è una scultrice freelance ed artista specializzata in "mixed media" e "visual" art, originaria della città di New York (Brooklyn).

In continua lotta ossessiva per dare un senso al mondo intorno a me creando sculture semplici, utilizzando un approccio manuale, sono convinta che l'argilla possegga una energia propria e che, lavorando con questa energia, plasmandola e manipolandone la forza, riesca a rivelare le profondità nascoste del subconscio.

Tutto quello che scolpisco, senza eccezione, è relativo alla trasmutazione dell'impeto che nasce dal desiderio dell'impulso creativo che approda ad un senso di accettazione; una rivelazione, un indescrivibile senso di pace interiore e un momento di profonda chiarezza.

Il suo lavoro è principalmente influenzato da artisti Italiani e Francesi del XVII secolo.

- Ottobre, Laureata nel Giugno 2013 presso della Florence Academy of Art (FAA) Firenze, Italia. Attualmente vive e lavora a Firenze, Italia.


Who am I ?

I am an artist/sculptor from Brooklyn, New York.  In 2009 I moved permanently to Firenze, Italy; which my destinations have allowed me the opportunity to study the cultures and the classical old master way of sculpting.   For the past 4 years I live/work in a pleasant predominantly artisan/artigiano worked area called "Piazza della Passera" in the Oltrarno side of Firenze.  You might be able to find me in person at the Caffè Degli Artigiani in the Piazza della Passera.


What do I do?

I sculpt mostly in clay and plastilina (oil based clay), casting into plaster and bronze.  My subject is primarily the human portrait and figure which I approach with reference to the classical figurative tradition and anatomy and expressions.  I try to blend classical sensibilities with a twist of my own imaginative invention. I also work in anime style of sculpting.   Although my main focus is on sculpture I also work in a variety of art installations, photography and recently wood curving.


Where might you have seen my work?

I have had solo and group exhibitions in Italy, in Milano and Firenze. 

适时国际艺术 -  Present Contemporary Art - Milan Art & Events 

Via Lupetta 3, 20123 Milan, Italia


L’anno Del Cavallo Mostra  -  Studio 108 Firenze

Via dei Sapiti 12/14R, Firenze, Italia


Birth of the Cool  - 4 Leoni  (Exhibition of Sculptures by October)

Via de’ Vellutini 1R, Firenze, Italia


Can I commission a piece of artwork from you?

I accept commissions in a variety of media: sculpture. I have included an example below of commissioning a portrait sculpture to illustrate the process.

My portrait work is produced from life wherever possible.  Ideally in the first sitting I will be producing drawings as well as taking photographs and measurements that can be used as a reference to continue the work between sittings.  After that a number of sittings could be arranged during which the clay sculpture would be brought to completion.  Alternatively more work might be done based on the photographic images, for instance for elderly who find it difficult to sit for an extended periods.
On completion of the clay model you have various options for the casting of the piece – either in plaster or bronze, and with a variety of finishes.  Bronze is by far the most durable and beautiful casting material for sculpture but also costly due to the complexity of the lost-wax/Precision casting process which I entrust to a local fine art foundry called Ciglia e Carrai Founder Artistic.

The prices for my sculpture reflect the materials, style, dimensions, detail and finish of the piece as well as whether it is a unique piece.  Contact me for further details.

How can you contact me?


October is a Freelance Sculptor from Brooklyn, New York.

October confronts her obsessive struggle to make sense of the world around her by creating uncomplicated sculpture with an unfettered mind and a hands-on approach. She believes that the clay itself holds its own energy, and that by working with this energy through the process of hands-on creation, she is able to reveal the hidden depths of the subconscious.

Everything I sculpt, without exception, is about the transition of an impelling force of desire to create a sense of acceptance; an epiphany, an indescribable sense of inner peace and a moment of profound clarity.

October's work is mainly influenced by Italian and French artists of the seventeenth century. 

Graduated in June 2013 from the Florence Academy of Art (FAA), School of Fine Arts Firenze, Italy. Currently October lives and works in Firenze, Italy.




“I used to think I was the strangest person in the world but then I thought there are so many people in the world, there must be someone just like me who feels bizarre and flawed in the same ways I do. I would imagine her, and imagine that she must be out there thinking of me too. Well, I hope that if you are out there and read this and know that, yes, it's true I'm here, and I'm just as strange as you.” 
― Frida Kahlo