Linda Nisselson

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The changing  rhythm, coloration and energy of nature have always inspired my art. My work expresses emotions connected to a location rather than a specific image. Berkshire landscapes that I grew up around as well as places that I have traveled are reflected in my paintings. 

I work on a painting until it develops a life of its own. I paint to transform memories of what I have seen and felt into color, shape and line.  My color choices are intuitive. While I am painting I feel the strokes are choreographed and there is a conversation with color. Sometimes I enhance the work with hits of complimentary colors by overlapping and brushing them on top of one another.  Marks, scratches, smudges come rapidly with an energy that keeps the strokes alive.  My edges are often surprising and full of incidents. 

The positioning of the small squares changes each time the paintings are installed. There is freedom to place the work in any combination or relationship. In this way the art work and the viewer’s perception are allowed to continually evolve.