Simona Ruscheva

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Hairfall Oil On Canvas 50x70cm © Simona Ruscheva
Into the dark Oil On Canvas 60x70cm © Simona Ruscheva
Angela, 2012 Oil On Canvas 100x81cm
after dawn, 2013 Acrylic On Canvas 3x20x50cm
the night is darkest just before the sunrise, 2013 Acrylic On Canvas 3x20x50cm
horny, 2012 Oil On Canvas 60x200cm
LAC, 2013 Acrylic On Paper 25x70cm
manhood, 2012 Oil On Canvas 130x97cm
possession, 2012 Oil And Acrylic On Canvas 60x200cm
Day series 1, 2013 Acrylic On Canvas 50x60cm
Day series 2, 2013 Acrylic On Canvas 50x60cm
Day series 3, 2013 Acrylic On Canvas 50x60cm
Red series 1, 2013 Oil On Canvas 50x60cm
Red series 2 Oil On Deep Edge Canvas 50x60cm © Simona Ruscheva
Red series 3, 2013 Oil On Canvas 50x60cm
symbiosis, 2012 Oil On Canvas 100x200cm
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mixed-media, surrealism, figurative, conceptual

My name is Simona Ruscheva and I am from Bulgaria. I graduated in 2012 and ever since I have discovered new and exciting ways to express my mind, outside the boundaries of education. I have always been fascinated by horned animals, especially goats, occurring mostly as part of occult rituals and for me they have always had some ethereal and peculiar radiation, as they belong to something slightly different from our world. So this feeling combined with my endless love to human body, as perfect as it is, comes out from me as an eternal energy flow between these two life forms. Ever since inception of man, life has been referred to a God-like existence, each containing a part of the universe, and this part is the sacred astral inhabiting our bodies during our stay. As an energy none of this is lost, it simply reincarnates and continues its eternal journey. In my works I always try to picture this concept, painting both men and animal skulls or antlers in a symbiotic co-existence, recreating the initial energy of construction. All a man ever tries to achieve is a connection with its inside being, experiencing freedom in our material world, it is wholly fruitless to believe there is no purpose in life.  That is basically my point in life, which makes me muse constantly and that reflects on my paintings. I am constantly trying to find a way to express my views in different ways, experimenting with colors and composition. Most of all I use contrast and very bright colors in opposite of the theme, which may seem dark. In such way I try to achieve balance between the subject, my painting technique and the feeling. However the true meaning of this cannot be found in the colors, which are not less important attribute, but within the symbolic of my portraits and figure representations. This description of my universe, outlined in the light that we detect as color, the paintings that are offered to you, don't use it to describe the sensatory world, but the darkest matter and these darkest “corners”  of the soul, full of the unknown and subconscious, stretching like the matter, being dark by their nature, so that they overcome at last this what is the light, the sensory and real. The pictures that you see, uncover exactly this returning to the pagan feelings and world, encoded in our worlds as well, reflecting our lives, without even taken into conscious perception, the battle between darkness and light and this what comes out of their stretching energy – a human. The point in all that is the exploration I have been doing with myself and the surrounding world through my spectacles, trying to find the ultimate meaning of everything for me and the truth about our existence.

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