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CoLabART, a more than thirty-year collaboration of the painter, Lynn Small and her husband, the new media artist/photographer, Dennis Paul fuses the processes and seamlessly layered the aesthetics of painting, drawing, photography, and printmaking. Always at the intersection of art and technology, in the early 1990s the couple birthed, one of the first artist websites. While integrating the new digital dialectic, their work began to incorporate additional processes as they created multimedia, site-specific installations that featured digital video, original, holosonic SoundScapes and varied evolving new media concepts.

Individually and collaboratively, the couple's artwork in the Earth Stains, Landsat, Love Canal, and LightScape portfolios has embraced the spirituality and preciousness of the land and the concept of the vanishing landscape, as well as the individual's responsibility for its well being. This reverence for all Creation has produced an intriguing, diverse and often-mysterious pathway as manifested in other bodies of work such as the Sufi Cosmic Mass Celebration, the Mexican Series, Spirit Guides of the Southwest, and the mystical religious iconography of the Kabbalah and the powers of the Hebrew alphabet - Letters of Foundation.

Their art celebrates the spirit of the land - the colors, textures, forms - of both the real and imagined. Exploring the myths, codas of ancient civilizations, the cosmos, and the capacity of the human mind and spirit to dream, imagine and create. It draws upon their travels, life experiences, world issues, the wealth of new tools and brushes of our time, as well as the emergence of new media in the 21st century.

The couple has lived, exhibited and lectured in New York, Europe, Mexico, and Los Angeles. Their artwork has been shown in numerous gallery and museum exhibitions and they have received various grants, awards and commissions and are represented in public and private collections both in the United States and abroad. Their thirty-year collaboration, begun during their 1978 first joint-residency fellowships to Yaddo continuing during their 2003 joint residencies and beyond. It includes web presence, new media installation projects, painting, and digital video/photo process/SoundScapes.

Art is not a mirror held up to reality
but a hammer with which to shape it.

Berthold Brecht