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Rachel Jones- born in 1989, just outside the nation’s capital, in Northern Virginia.  A recent graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts, Majoring in Sculpture and extended media, with a Minor in Crafts focusing on fine wood working and glass blowing. It was in the second grade that her talent for oil pastel was discovered. It quickly became her favorite medium to work in. By the end of high school she could replicate 18th century oil paintings by the masters. Soon after is when her attention was turned toward fish after paying a visit to the Baltimore Aquarium, located in the heart of Baltimore, Maryland. Her family bought her a Jack Dempsey that she studied and discovered that fish had the ability to portray emotion and differentiate between different people. These findings were then translated in to her oil paintings of beta fish and many other forms of art that has been created by Rachel. As a recent graduate of VCU in 2012, a fantasy based magazine, Quail Bell, extended Rachel an offer to become the art director for the 2012 print edition, after a completion of an internship for 6 months. Rachel has had many illustrations published to the online magazine and the covers of the 2012 edition, as well as internal images within the magazine. She is inspired by her imagination, which is constantly stimulated by the reading she does in her past time and her travels. Rachel Jones is a motivated and talented individual who consistently is determined to show leadership as well as a team player in her work.