Craig Kerrecoe

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Ashford, UK
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Ovenden Contemporary, Siott Gallery
mixed-media, digital
My Statement

My painting work relies heavily on an abstract colourist style with an emphasis on wet-on-wet mark making, probably as a direct reaction to my architectural training. I use ordinary paint scrapers and palette knives, or occasionally my fingers, to apply acrylics, metallic and, sometimes, textured emulsion paints.

My work is concerned with, or perhaps more accurately, inspired by my consideration of the essence of identity, or ‘free-will’ verses pre-destination. I particularly enjoy forcing reactions between oil-based paints and water-based acrylics or emulsions: the unpredictable patterns created, as one paint is repelled by another, are an important element of the vizualisation of these two ‘opposing’ forces.

I use colour, principally, as a way of abstractly studying and understanding my actions, reactions and interactions with those around me. Pursuing a relatively simple ‘flesh against machine’ metaphor I scrape paint onto each canvas, layer after layer, as if removing these layers from my own ‘self’. I then scrape the paint off the canvas again in the hope that this removal process will somehow ‘reveal’ the true identity that lies beneath.

Whether this true identity is genetically composed or spiritually based is probably less important than the expectation that, once free, it will be unencumbered by the weight of a lifetime of experience and assumption.

I was short-listed for the Artist Of The Year Competition by S.A.A. in 2006, receiving a commendation from the judges.

In 2008 I was granted a major exhibition at Worcester City Art Gallery & Museum. ‘A Series Of Lines’, a multi-media, collaborative exhibition with the disabled Artist Esther Appleyard which featured in the Main Gallery for two months. We used painting & installation work to encourage the viewer to consider their own genetic heritage and destiny.

My short film, ‘Within The Weave’, was simultaneously played on permanent loop in the Watercolour Gallery at the museum, with the phrase ‘To whom do I address my complaint?’, spoken by a child, becoming louder and louder throughout the film. This film was also selected to feature in the International Streaming Film Festival.

I have since gone on to become a Juror in the inaugural Needhams Open Art Competition 2009 and in 2010 compiled a limited edition book of self-portraits called ‘Self: Self-portraits from around the world’, published by Beautiful Cariad Books. My second book, 'Just Enough Reflected Light' is due for publication later this year.