Christophe Fraser

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Cesky Krumlov Woods, 2011 Silver Print Black And White Photograph 40cm X 50cm © Christophe Fraser
Morning Sun, 2012 Black And White Gelatine Silver Prints 30cm X 40cm © Christophe Fraser
Morning Sun 01, 2012 Black And White Gelatine Silver Prints 30 X 40 X 0.5 Centimeters © Christophe Fraser
Myslikova, Prague, June 2011 Silver Print 40 X 50 © Christophe Fraser
Swans, 2012 Black And White Gelatine Silver Prints 30 X 40 Centimeters © Christophe Fraser
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Switzerland, Swiss art space, Lausanne
BLACK AND WHITE, Gelatine silver prints, landscape, traditional, photography
A few words about my work

I want to show a different way of seeing what is around us and to encourage to look harder in order to find moments of eternity.

I am a self tought photographer using the black and white silver gelatin technology for its deepness and quality of reproduction as well as the physical interaction with the negatives, papers and chemicals, which are slow processes, a ceremony with multi level steps which renders a mystical dimension. My photographs are made during walks or travels, during which I shall get lost in order to photograph places or events which I would have never came across otherwise.

The photographs presented to you are about light. The sunlight being in between the mountain chain and a layer of clouds which pushes the light down and makes it more intense. The reflection on the calm lake waters gives a mirror answer to the sky, while being different due to the slight water movements. This light situation is happening a few times a year and the quality of the light has been, and still is, attracting me. Another way is the light rising to endless limits and sculpted by a few clouds, even creating a pyramid of shade.

I am hoping that the viewers shall feel an emotion upon watching the photographs.