Tani Taylor

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suffocating the fault, 2010 Encaustic 48" X 48" X 1" Inches © tani taylor
Santa Ana Stir, 2004 Encaustic 48" X 48" © tani taylor
Winter Clover, 2004 4' X 5' © tani taylor
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Long Beach
SJSU (San Jose State University), 2003, BFA
California College of the Arts, 1997
visceral, non-objective, wax, large works, encaustic, modern
Tani Taylor

My work  has never been easy to describe or discuss. It comes from an un-definable place of opposites and questioning. The imagery is an attempt to manifest an idea physically or represent what can not be seen tangibly. 

    For example; how does one explain visually a state of confusion? How does one explain the experience of elation, or what is happening in your brain when you are sad, or what is beyond our own control; like wind and clear skies, or death?

    Many of my abstract paintings were directly related to a negative time in our nations history which in turn had a debilitating effect on many people- including myself. Of course this may seem cliche, but sometimes it takes struggle to produce.

    I like to let emotion and thought take control of my work. It starts with a need to express viscerally a moment of recognition or second of being in the now. I start with an idea when beginning a new painting; I know what the medium will be and I know what it is about, but the imagery itself may mutate during the process. 

    Newer pieces are directly related to being in awe of nature and how its beauty can be missed- the proverbial “stop and smell the roses”. This is surprisingly optimistic for me.

I have used both acrylic and oil, mostly on wood panel and paper.

Currently I am working in encaustic.