Brianna Lea Pruett (1983 - 2015)

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Indian Paintbrush, 2012 Oil On Canvas 6" X 8" © Brianna Lea Pruett
Horse Buffalo with Baby, 2012 Oil On Canvas 37" X 25" © Brianna Lea Pruett
Dolphins, 2010 Oil On Canvas 18" X 24" © Brianna Lea Pruett
Canyon Moons, 2011 Oil On Canvas 8" X 8" © Brianna Lea Pruett
Cougar Boy, 2012 Oil On Canvas 6" X 8" © Brianna Lea Pruett
Drummer, 2010 Oil On Canvas 8" X 8" © Brianna Lea Pruett
Fall, 2010 Oil On Canvas 12" X 12" © Brianna Lea Pruett
Heuruse, 1999 Acrylic On Paper 18" X 24" © Brianna Lea Pruett
Buffalo, 2008 Oil On Canvas 12" X 12" © Brianna Lea Pruett
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Northern California painting, Buffalo, California, American Indian/Alaska Native, North American Indian, American Indian painting, Cherokee, Choctaw, Tsalagi, video-art, performance, traditional, conceptual, exhibition/performance
Brianna Lea Pruett in the Arts

passionate multimedia artist Brianna Lea Pruett’s meanderings wander all over the map, much like herself – from New York, Los Angeles, Portland, and the UK, always returning back to California. Born in the mountains of Northern California and a singer from her earliest days, she got her taste for performance singing in friend’s living rooms and at cafes and small clubs as a teen. Now a multi-media artist, in touch with her diverse cultural background and an even more global range of influences, she portrays folk, country, and the musical style of her Appalachian and Cherokee heritage with equal passion as her musical writing that bespeaks a love for jazz, blues, and soul music.

Juggling art shows, music history projects, and filmmaking, she says she strives to portray herself to the world in her true interests. One continued influence she does cite is her philosophy of art making, including the musical arts – “Being a performer, an artist, a writer, a commentator or contributor has responsibilities of being authentic to one’s important things in life. It’s also being a clown – being willing to say or do things that people would not normally say or do, either from fear or being in their routine – therefore artists are in the perfect position to comment on, or change society. We make the world what it is, however large or small we believe our range of influence to be.”

Brianna Lea Pruett 

1983 Born in Nisenan and Miwok country, Sacramento, California

Brianna Lea Pruett passed away peacefully in her sleep, at home in Sacramento, California on September 2nd, 2015. 



1998-2000 Apprenticeships to professional artists, in photography and painting

2002-2004 Fine art and film studies, Santa Monica College

2008-present studies in Psychology, Fine Art, Folsom Lake College

2009-2012 facilitator, Tiger Friends Collective

2010 Meredith Monk Dancing Voice, Singing Body workshop, NYC


2001 Dreamland, EP. out of print.

2003 Natural Fact, full length album, self released, re-released Tiger Friends Collective

2004 Winter Apple, full length album, self released, re-released Tiger Friends Collective

2009 The Stars, the Moon, the Owl, the Cougar, and You, full length album, Tiger Friends Collective

2012 Keeping You In Mind, EP, Tiger Friends Collective


Roses For Maya Deren series, 2005-2012. Pruett has been filming her short film series, Roses For Maya Deren, since 2005. Her practice and work in this series reference Deren while providing experiences  for artists of all ages and experience levels, and individuals who have never previously participated in making fine art. ~ “I like Maya Deren, and I wanted to make some films but I didn’t know how to get started. It just kept going.” ~ the project will be released on dvd when complete.

Dream Films project, 2011 continuing. Together with Stan Okumura, a young filmmaker from Northern California, a lifetime project was created that invites the public to film their dreams (dreams had during sleep) in any quality of video and share them. These videos are available for screening.


1998  Himovitz Gallery, performance of original material and songs made popular by Billie Holiday in the presence of and in honor of Josee Andrei

2011 The Roxy, Los Angeles


2001  Songs In Restaurants, performances with select groups of 8-12 people, with guitars and instruments entering random restaurants and singing popular songs while dancing through the restaurants, Sacramento, CA

2003  Feed, performance with food in portrayal of the allegory of the long spoons, with Alexis Disselkoen, Santa Monica, CA

2007  World Healing, attempt to arrange the proper burial of Apache chief Geronimos bones by a film proposal to selected officials including the president of the United States, film directors, musicians, and magazines. Letters exchanged with the white house during that time were sent by copy to the Geronimo family in support of their position, the family brought a justified lawsuit in 2009 and continues to seek peace for their relative.

2012 G Hum Parade, vocal participant in the first single-note parade reported in the press – an article


1998  I Street Gallery, photographs, Sacramento, California

2000  W.E.A.V.E. Benefit, photographs, Sacramento, California

2001 Psychic Garage Sale, curator and participant, paintings and  photographs, Gallery 21, Sacramento, California

2006 fem·in·art an exhibition, video art, University of California, Los Angeles

2010 6×6 Project, painting, Elohi Dvgasi (World Turtle), Charmingwall Gallery, NY, NY

2011 Corporate Wrath, photo collage, Marco Fuoco Gallery, Sacramento, California


1998  Heaven Sent Art Gallery, photographs, Sacramento, California

1999 Jacks Urban Eats, paintings, Sacramento, California

1999 Healing Voices, solo, photographs, a benefit for the Unity Fund, supporting the synagogues that were damaged in firebombings in June of 1999. The Sterling Hotel, Sacramento, California.

2012 upcoming exhibition scheduled to open January 11 at Gathering Tribes, Albany, California

1999 “PhotoStories 2″, Shots Magazine, Issue 64
2011 Turtle Island To Abya Yala, a love anthology of Art and Poetry by Native American and Latina women, Malinalli Press, San Francisco, CA
2013 Buffalo Field Campaign Yellowstone Country Wild Bison calendar, months April and September, accompanying graphic from buffalo paintings