OARO Emmanuelle

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Mecanique espace-temps, 2012 Penfelt 150x100cm © yes
Medium machinery, 2012 Feltpen 150x100cm © yes
Diagramme d'énergie, 2012 Feltpen 150x100 © yes
Medium energy architecture, 2012 Feltpen 150x100cm © yes
extrasensoriel Boulée environnement, 2012 Feltpen 150x100cm © yes
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30 september 1967
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medium art drawing


Mediumship and transliteration  

The Art mediumistic means literary or artistic productions of people who do not directly attribute the relatedness of their works, but consider themselves as intermediaries."mediums" which speak of the forces or spirits.
It may be committed by persons who had no previous artistic production, to create works   like a medium type. Mediums see, hear and feel the non-visible information by mortals for them, these information are truths disclosed by entities of the beyond.
Assumption that psychics can see and hear a reality other than the common reality as the opposite of psychotics who perceive hallucinations. Here there is a duplication of the self, the simultaneous presence of two sets of parallel and independent ideas, of two centers of action. Parapsychologists consider this technique as the intervention of paranormal psychic effect of  the mental dissociation of the subject introduced in a new dimension.The psychic manifestations are likely oniroïde ... Onirocritie, oneirocriticism "regarding the interpretation of dreams") Art of interpreting dreams. The oneirocriticism, meanwhile, has seen countless systems of interpretation. In all languages the Keys of Dreams followed one another, often different, sometimes contradictory (Divin. 1964).
The automatic writing has been used by the surrealists as a method of literary creation, to emancipate the narrowness of thinking regulated by reason. Media art can also be seen as the exploration of the depths of the unconscious  to emerge writings and drawings, he anticipated and accompanied the concept and practice of surrealist automatism. Similarly, the intuitive nature solitary of medium art and the use of original pictorial means under any tradition and no academic education led its creators to be integrated into Art brut.

  By the multiplication of elements, beaches graphs, plots, OARO installs its infinite tangles, networks, diagrams and flow. The network creates a multiplication principle of repetition. The line is the flow becomes her a way to browse and inhabiting space. Optical patterns, underlying geometric forms, flowcharts, connections, circuits, architectural constructions, vortex mingle with each other to induce a coherent picture. Images of machinery, equipment, plans, schemes, architectures, conjectural worlds, where the connections binding the different cells.The signs are juxtaposed, intermingle, revealing large matrix mechanics, the cosmos, life forms artficielles, cellular automata, spiritualist messages. Its architecture reminds Boullée, the great enigmatic architect. Its machines: UFO, diagrams of nuclear power plants, the diagrams of divination.
Oaro does not draw...she  transcribe patiently with felt pens, and without any preparation or reference, that his brain captures. She joined in this case Art Brut or the singular art, devoid of all artistic consensus (Augustin Lesage, Janko Domsic, Jean Perdrizet, Moriya Kishaba, Melvin Way .... and others). Oaro n 'has no artistic school.

Yog Sothoff