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Chinese Culture Center's Art-In-Storefront

Original post: Blackbookart Magazine Tuesday, April 26, 2011 On 704 and 708 Kearny Street, you might see installation in progress in the vacant storefronts on this busy San Francisco street.The Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco extends its Daily Lives show with the YBCA,... [more]
Posted by Feng Jin on 4/26/11

Op-Ed: Touristy, yes but San Francisco's North Beach still has the beat Special

Op-Ed: Touristy, yes but San Francisco's North Beach still has the beat Special By Jonathan Farrell Digital Journal The North Beach section of San Francisco for the most part caters to tourists; complete with tour buses, souvenirs and inflated prices. Yet despite the dusty narrow streets, heavy with traffic and often litter-strewn, North Beach still has a beat, if it can be said that way. "Beat" referring to its "Beatnik" past. At least for this reporter, North Beach still has a kind of rhythm that still makes it a special spot to gather. Sit outside on... [more]
Posted by Feng Jin on 4/25/11

The Art of Passages: A Group Exhibition Featuring Visual Expression of Life Experiences

APRIL 25, 2011 There is a new exhibit in town that promises to be refreshing and exciting with an intriguing grouping of medium to delight the eye.  Opening at the 901 Market Street Atrium (2nd floor), San Francisco on May 9th is The Art of Passages; featuring Seamus Berkeley, Mi’Chelle Fredrick, N. Teddy Goldsworthy-hanner, Christine Hanlon, Feng Jin and Michelle Nye working in the mediums of painting – oil, acrylic, watercolor and encaustic – sculpture and photography. The Art of Passages represents life experiences as defined through each artist’s visual expression.  Seamus Berkeley, wh... [more]
Posted by Feng Jin on 4/25/11

Art in Storefronts

By ccc– April 22, 2011Posted in: Exhibitions, Featured Art-in-Storefront, a project taking art to the public domain to reclaim and revitalize San Francisco’s forgotten city spaces, is back! Stretching from 704 to 710 Kearny Street, the 2011 storefronts include original work from acclaimed Bay Area artists Stella Zhang and Feng Jin. Unique to this installment is the artists’ use of the spaces as an extension of the concurrent Daily Lives exhibition at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, which opened on February 29 as a partnership between the CCC and YBCA. In the words of curator Kwai... [more]
Posted by Feng Jin on 4/22/11

Chinese Culture Center's Art-In-Storefront

Original Post: Chinese Culture Foundation Artists Network Posted by Kwai Mei Manor on April 17, 2011 at 12:14pm On Kearny Street, at 704, 708, and 710, you might see installation in progress in the vacant storefronts on this busy San Francisco street. The Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco extends its Daily Lives show with the YBCA, by bringing Bay Area artists out of the gallery and studio and to the public with their Art-In-Storefront exhibition.Curated by Kwai Manor, and featuring work by Stella Zhang, Cynthia Tom, and Feng Jin, this exhibit is set to open next week. Here ar... [more]
Posted by Feng Jin on 4/17/11

Island Arts: Feng Jin at the Alameda Museum

Submitted by Michael Singman-Aste on 1, March 17, 2011 Feng Jin with Romancing the Metal, 2011. Copper and wood boards.* By Michael Singman-Aste Having studied Japanese for two years at the University at California, Berkeley, there was a time when I knew several hundred Chinese characters. I know I’m rusty, but I can’t make heads or tails of Feng Jin’s characters. That’s just fine. Although inspired by Chinese calligraphy, his work is not in fact a reproduction of Chinese verse in metal. Jin says that there are so many new words, in part because of the Internet. “Let’s say this one c... [more]
Posted by Feng Jin on 3/17/11

Embrace the Tao of Metal

Written by Dennis Evanosky    Published: Thursday, 10 March 2011 Alameda Sun Sculptor Feng Jin shows his sons Felix, 10, and Irwin, 6, his signature on a piece of his sculpture while his wife, Lauren Huang looks on. Jin's work will be on display at the Alameda Museum, 2324 Alameda Ave. Sculptor Feng Jin shows his sons Felix, 10, and Irwin, 6, his signature on a piece of his sculpture while his wife, Lauren Huang looks on. Jin's work will be on display at the Alameda Museum, 2324 Alameda Ave. through Wednesday, March 30. Meet... [more]
Posted by Feng Jin on 3/10/11

Alameda Museum Presents 'The Tao of Metal' by Metal Sculptor Feng Jin

Alameda Patch Posted by Lauren Huang | February 25, 2011 | Alameda Museum is presenting The Tao of Metal, a solo exhibition of sculpture by Bay Area artist Feng Jin. From March 5 to 30, 2011, the exhibition will feature Jin's new work, including pedestal and large-scale sculpture as well as a site specific installation.Jin's work offers connections between forms, symbols and architecture through a vocabulary that is emblazed with light and informed by Asian art and history. Jin uses an actual door as a background and an entry to introduce new form of Chinese calligraphy. The door not o... [more]
Posted by Feng Jin on 2/25/11

Island arts: “Cross Currents”

This article originally appeared on July 10, 2010 in The Island. Michele Ellson, editor. Submitted by Michael Singman-Aste on 1, July 8, 2010 – 4:50 am By Michael Singman-Aste Sponsored by the Island Alliance of the Arts non-profit, the fourth annual “Cross Currents” exhibit at the Alameda Museum is billed as an exhibit of California artists, with one coming from as far away as Bristol in Southern California. But with 22 out of 38 artists from Alameda and the exhibit capably installed by local wood artist Peter Sanderson, it may as well be “The Alameda Show.” "David" by Feng Jin ... [more]
Posted by Feng Jin on 7/10/10

Feng Jin’s shadow sculptures

Blog Post from Matryoshka May 30, 2010 dianaperazzo In the beginning of May while visiting San Francisco, me and my boyfriend noticed an art exhibit at the Union Square. There must have been at least 10 artists present. To our disbelief each art exhibition’s artist was there, too. After walking through the isles of sculptures and pictures, I found myself right in front of a very interesting sculpture. It had only an outline. Placed right in front of a white board, it put its shade on it, which was a naked woman with her arms up. I fell in love with it right away. I kept walking throu... [more]
Posted by Feng Jin on 5/30/10

Feng Jin's metal sculptures dance 'With Shadows' in Belmont Gallery

By Bonny Zanardi San Mateo Times Correspondent THE 1870 Art Center Gallery is hosting "Dances With Shadows," an exhibition of metal sculptures by Feng Jin, through Sept. 20. Born in Harbin, China, Jin graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing with a Bachelor of Arts in sculpture. He lives in the Bay Area and works in a variety of metals, creating both figural and abstract works at his Dream Catchers Arts studio in Alameda. A full-time sculptor, Jin often creates pieces using a technique he calls "open-minded sculpting," meaning with no preconceived design.... [more]
Posted by Feng Jin on 8/7/09

Los Gatos Art Museum offers Three Visions art show

By Erica Goss San Jose Contemporary Art Examiner June 29th, 2009 4:45 pm PT Mert Carpenter Photo The art of Donna Orme, Feng Jin and Glen Rogers is featured through August 7 at the Los Gatos Art Museum.  These three artists’ work appear in a group show that includes both floors of the museum.  On the first floor, sculptor Feng Jin’s female torsos, this series in mirror-polished steel, as well as his ribbon-like abstracts, juxtapose Donna Orme’s colorful monoprints and monotypes. In her artist statement, Donna Orme says, “I allow obscure thoughts and feelings to emerge into forms and colo... [more]
Posted by Feng Jin on 6/29/09

Shape, curve, and three-dimensionality

May 13, 2009 Tri-City Voice Shape, curve, and three-dimensionality By Dustin Findley This week is your last chance for a truly 3-dimensional experience at the Phantom Art Gallery in Milpitas. Feng Jin has metal sculptures on display until Friday, May 15.Feng Jin trained the number one school in China for classical art training. Feng Jin's parents worked in a machine shop. He went there and enjoyed "playing with the metal." The work on display features older and newer work. Feng Jin chose to exhibit pieces that demonstrate his new style of turning Chinese calligraphy into sculp... [more]
Posted by Feng Jin on 5/13/09

Feng Jin: Artist on Fire Feng Jin: Artist on Fire Written by: Stacey Louiso /  Photos provided by: Lauren Huang One never knows what to expect when meeting an artist in person. Some are shy introverts, others outrageous extroverts. Their work is often a reflection of their soul: frantic, serene, intense, playful or tragic. Feng Jin is no exception. He is warm, funny and energetic: Infectious. Jin’s personality is a combination of serenity, intensity and that of a fun-loving, family oriented man. He is as unique and interesting as the twists and curves of the lively metal sculptures he cre... [more]
Posted by Feng Jin on 11/6/08

Sculptures at SL Museum — A Study of the Female Form

By : Staff Reports : 8/29/08     San Leandro Times The San Leandro History Museum and Art Gallery presents a sculpture solo exhibition “The Heart Sutra” featuring Bay Area sculptor Feng Jin’s recent new series “Hearts On Fire.” The exhibition runs from Sept. 4 to Oct. 26 at the gallery at 320 West Estudillo Avenue with a reception for the artist on Saturday, Sept. 6 from 1 to 3 p.m. In this series of abstract figurative sculptures, Feng Jin creates ancient goddess figures using modern material and sculpting technique. In “The Heart Sutra,” the twisted metal torsos sa... [more]
Posted by Feng Jin on 8/29/08

Picto-Calligraphy & Sculpt-Script: Symphony of Chinese Calligraphy & Sculpture

EAST BAY EXPERSS -- CRITIC'S CHOICE Drawing, according to the French neoclassicist J.A.D. Ingres, is "the hard, wiry line of rectitude" underlying all great art. In Chinese painting, calligraphy links both the poetry that artist-sages admired, and their deeply felt aesthetic/kinesthetic responses. In this two-man show at the AlamedaMuseum, two China-born Californians update tradition with modernist ideas of free expression. In his Picto-Calligraphy series, Mei Chu Chang, a retired teacher and a renowned calligraphy expert, treats the ideograms as personages -- Shang Dynasty oracle bones meet... [more]
Posted by Feng Jin on 7/9/08

Two-man show in Alameda

Contra Costa Times -- Art in the Bay Area By Laura CaseyThursday, July 3rd, 2008 at 10:52 am in museum. Alameda sculptor Feng Jin e-mailed me to tell me about his show at the Alameda museum, opening this weekend. It is called “Symphony of Chinese Calligraphy and Sculpture.”Jin has partnered with Taiwanese calligrapher Mei Chu Chang to present this show, open now until July 30.Chang is an accomplished traditional calligrapher and has even presented some of his work to the Vatican. He breaks from the traditional calligraphic field in this show, presenting a “picto-calligraphy” style that appea... [more]
Posted by Feng Jin on 7/3/08

Local sculptor never stops shaping his style

The sculptures of Jin, created in a variety of styles, are on display at the Alameda Museum through July 27. (Laura Oda - Staff) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ By Brenda Payton, STAFF WRITER of Oakland Tribune Article Launched: 07/20/2007 02:48:58 AM PDT The exhibit at the Alameda Museum looks almost like a forest of metal sculptures with rows of mostly large pieces filling the space. At first look, you might imagine it's an exhibit of several sculptors because of the variety of styles. But it's a solo show. "Ten Years i... [more]
Posted by Feng Jin on 7/20/07