Marilyn LaGrone-Amaral

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....i have returned from the frozen land of Minnehaha ,and where the Mississippi river starts her journey, small and meek.. being born in the the Mississippi delta valley where she is called the Big Muddy this was a significant discovery......Minneapolis snowflakes danced every morning in the creamy sunless sky but did not stick around til noon.. but what stayed between me and the 29 degree  chill was the warm validating pool of stage light and attentive audience ears for which i was greatful and shocked......Shocked because, i had forgotten the thrill..and trust me the thrill is not leas... [more]
Posted by Marilyn LaGrone-Amaral on 12/5/08


....Leaving my summer palace in Los Angeles, to head north to deep snow  country in Minnesota...I  am filled with anticipation.... i love this city with its many lakes and Minnihaha lore....i am honored to be performing at the Pillsburyhouse Theater( Late Night) that is curated by Lorie Carlos on Nov.15th....yes Folks "one Night Only"...It is exciting to be flown in for one performance with my assistant dear Kimbers on hand to smooth any ruffled feathers during the flight..ThenTo be picked up by Kurt at the airport and deposited into the Sheraton on Chicago and Lake Street.Here is the deal;"Painter, writer... [more]
Posted by Marilyn LaGrone-Amaral on 11/14/08