Kim Van Riper

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Dancing Mind, 2008 Oil 65"X55"
Soprano Sax, 2008 Mixed Media 30"X44"
The Harpsit, 2008 Oil On Canvas 20"X20"
The Pianist, 2008 Oil 45"X45"
The suitors, 2008 Oil 30"X44"
Dancing Love, 2008 Oil On Canvas 24"X36"
Conquistador, 2008 Oil 30"X44"
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Arizona State University, 2009, BA Fine arts
cubism, surreal, contemp

 Kimberly van Riper is an Arizona artist, who found her beginnings on her parents ranch outside of Sacramento California. She always had a propensity for art, and even as early as six years of age, worked with oil pastels, watercolors and calligraphy. She attended high school in Flagstaff Arizona, and won awards throughout her education for her acrylic paintings, and graphite drawings on the local level, in both Flagstaff and The Sedona arts festival. She was very active in volunteer youth organizations, lending her artistic talents to the programs. 

After high school, Kim traveled the country, enjoying many of the nation's National Parks, and cities, broadening her cultural and social understandings of the world. Her international travels include Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, South Africa, Ireland, England and Slovakia, giving Kim a unique and broad insight into issues that cross cultural boundaries, as well as different interpretations of art in different regions.

Driven by her passion for the arts, Kim decided to attend Arizona State University for a dgree in the Fine Arts. Throughout her college career, Kim continues to produce and sell quality artwork. Thus far she has exhibited at non profit charity events (Building Sustainable Community Relationships:Art and Health care 2004) as well as at various venues supporting local musicians (Through Black Diamond Productions TM). She is currently on the third edition of "The Colorado Plateau (2005-2007)" in which she has illustrated five chapter heads for each book. She has also produced a book cover for "On the Wings of A Dove" (2007), as well illustrations for "A bird guide to the Rio Solado (2007)" Kim also has contributed to several scientific papers and projects with map illustrations and charts. (Van Riper Et al.)She is currently working on  gardening book illustrations as well as producing work out of her studio, located in Tempe, Arizona. Kim is in the last year of her formal education at Arizona State University, where she gains further insight into the formal aspects of art and art history.

Whether painting or drawing from life or from imagination, the art that Kim produces is innovative, unique and striking. She works in many genres of art, taking some of the best qualities from masters past, and integrates them into works of art, which fall in a space 'between' the general categories of art. Cubism, abstract, realism, figural and surrealism influences are apparent in nearly all of her work. She aligns with the belief that "To stimulate is to influence, and influence produces change, both on the individual and the social level. As an artist, I strive to entertain, satisfy and evoke emotions from the viewer through use of the elements of art. I  produce art that distracts the viewer from reality long enough to allow them to reset their perspective, and when they walk away, that they do so with more than what they came with."