Alex Hackett

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blotch, May 2013 Digital Print © Alex Hackett
cauliflower, May 2013 Digital Print © Alex Hackett
Hamburger Junction, 2012 Photographic Transfer © Alex Hackett
Choc Chip, 2011 Installation © Alex Hackett
Solutions For You In A Volatile World, 2012 Pack of Homemade 'morning Coffee' Biscuits © Alex Hackett
Quick Facts
Oxford Brookes University,Oxford, 2013, BA (Hons) (First Class)
double exposure, film, nature, analogue photography, experience, body, abstract, figurative, sculpture, mixed-media, installation, performance, conceptual, landscape, photography, digital, exhibition/performance, street
Artist Statement

Alex Hackett creates work which enriches our engagement with the world around us.  Everyday experiences, observations, and temporary relationships form the subject matter for her work.  The existence of the work in the form of barely tangible relationships, transient occurrences, but most notably, in the experience of the viewer, is pertinent to her practice.  She aims to engage and connect people with themselves and each other, in an increasingly disconnected and isolating modern world.

Alex Hackett frequently suggests concerns with the natural and unnatural, and a sense of distance in our current relationship to our environment.  The edible is used as both a sculptural and interactive material, often suggestive of places and experiences.  Her work has a social and ethical conscience, with the ability to connect with and influence the thought and actions of the viewer.

The artist lives and works in Oxford, making and showing outside of the conventional spaces of the studio and gallery, and working within both the urban and natural environment.