Roza Oladi

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Waiting for you, June 2011 Acrylic, Pastel 50 Cm, 70 Cm © Roza outlaid copy right
Passion, June 2011 Acrylic 60 Cm, 80cm © roza outlaid copy right
Joyful dancers Acrylic 40cm, 50 Cm
Wild Flowers, June 2011 Mixed Media 70 Cm, 100 Cm © Roza outlaid copy right
Mother Earth Mixed Media © roza ouladi copyright
Proposal for a modern house ( architectural deisgn), 2008 3 D Studio Max
City Toronto, November 2012 Acrylic 3'x4'
Happy Tree Acrylic & Oil
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Art, Architecture
Ryerson University - Toronto, Canada, 2006, bachelors of architecture
mixed-media, modern, exhibition/performance

Roza Oladi is a Canadian emerging Artist and an Architect. She has been professionally painting with acrylic and oil paint since 1990. She studies architecture at Ryerson University in Toronto and earned Bachelor of Architecture, soon after she graduated she travelled to Asia, Middle East and Europe to work on high end design projects.
Traveling to different places has inspired her to explore the relationship between culture and fine art. She has combined the light of the world with the light of within to create meaningful artworks. She loves to express her passion through colors and paintings and although there are many ways to harmonize with the rhythm of the universe, she has chosen to look at the world through bright and happy colors. Her abstract paintings are not only emotional and spiritual but also lively, symbolic and architectural.
She has exhibited her art work in San Francisco, Los Angels and Toronto. For Roza Painting is a spiritual journey and she wants to capture the essence of life's moments and preserve each precious memory in her work, she evokes a sense of mood and positive energy in each of her painting.