Lei Ti

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Good or Evil, 2011 Fireworks On Paper 786 X 1091 Mm © Lei Ti (雷悌)
Gay, 2011 Fireworks, Charcoal On Paper 768 X 1098 Mm © Lei Ti (雷悌)
Mums, 2011 Fireworks On Paper 275 X 395, 2 Piece © Lei Ti (雷悌)
Full Moon, 2011 Fireworks On Paper 786 X 1091 Mm © Lei Ti (雷悌)
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Kaohsiung, Taiwan
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Jhung Hua School of the Arts, Kaohsiung, 2000, fine art/painting
Chinese Cultural University, Taipei, 2006, Bachelors
fireworks mixed-media, pop, modern

Lei Ti was born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. His generation has grown up with traditional Chinese values, but also with the influences of other Eastern and Western cultures. This new exposure is causing a 5000-year-old culture to evolve through self-reflection and inclusiveness of foreign culture. 

His work is about explaining Chinese culture in that spirit of reflection and re-interpretation from the contemporary view. He uses Pop Art to explain life and current events. It’s an interpretation of 5000 years of the Chinese culture’s ways of thinking, and how to continue the spirit of the “Descendants of the Dragon.” 

Firecrackers are a special symbol in Chinese culture, with 2000 years of history – mainly used in the exorcism of evil. Contemporary Chinese people use firecrackers in festivals, weddings, and celebrations. Burned firecrackers leave marks, which Lei Ti combines with printmaking methods. How the firecrackers leave their marks is always unpredictable, which forms a natural unique aesthetic.