Maureen Hoon

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Suspension , 2012 Mixed Media 50x50 Inches © Maureen Hoon
Harmony , 2012 Mixed Media 50x50 Inches © Maureen Hoon
Twisted , 2012 Mixed Media 50x50 Inches © Maureen Hoon
Mila's Song , 2012 Mixed Media 50 X50 Inches © Maureen Hoon
The Whole , 2011 Mixed Media 24 X 24 Inches © Maureen Hoon
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New York
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New York
Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, 2012, Master's
The Art Students League of New York, 2010

Artist Statement:

The creation of my work is process-driven. The tactile sensation in my art is created through multiple layers derived from the interactions between canvas, wood, charcoal, graphite, paint and pigments. My work is driven by the need to express coherence, feeling and beauty. I explore only what is necessary for the work and guide the work gently at the beginning, allowing it to gradually move more freely, instead of exerting control at every step. In the process of creating art, I utilize all tools imaginable to forge a flow of meaning through the work.  The work reaches completion when a new understanding is arrived at, through the creative process.

In each work, I invite contemplation so that time and space can be transformed into an experience. My art is built upon an awareness of interconnection between artist, materials, the elements, encounters and those who experience the work. The power of the work lies in uncovering the quiet tensions between what is externally visible and the hidden processes essential to its identity. I view Art as a way of life and my body of work seeks to affirm this.

On the works:

This series is titled 'PROPRIOCEPTION.'

Proprioception is the unconscious perception of movement and spatial orientation arising from stimuli within the body itself. The 'body' here refers to both the artwork and also the person who is interacting with the work. The work expresses the possibility of dialogue between the work and viewer, through contemplation and awareness of one's perceptions.

At different stages, wholeness, fragmentation, dissolution, suspension and expansion are weaved into the works.Perceptions of time and space rise to the surface, opening up possibilities.