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This article was originally published on The Psych Report. Anyone who’s stood before one of Cy Twombly’s gigantic scribbles or Jackson Pollock’s chaotic drip paintings knows it doesn’t take an expert to be a critic. One of the most common critiques, “my kid could have done that," is a claim that’s inspired books and editorials and more than a few threatening tweets from art aficionados defending the genius of abstract expressionism against the harsh judgements of the unconvince... [more]
Breaking up has never been easy. It's also never been easier, thanks to text messaging. In her first New York solo exhibition, Allison L. Wade presents an entire series of artworks devoted to the breakup text message. Set against painted and photographed backgrounds on differently sized canvases, each work features a single text sent during one of Wade's own romantic failures, either by Wade herself or one of her exes. They range from the tragic, "I knew you would do this to me," and desper... [more]
Jerry Perenchio. A long-time anonymous supporter of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, entertainment mogul Jerry Perenchio, of Univision Communications, announced publicly today he would bequest almost his entire collection to the museum. The bequest includes some 47 works valued at $500 million with paintings by European masters Picasso, Pissarro, Manet, Degas, and Bonnard, making it the largest gift of art in the museum's history. "L.A. is my home, and I wanted to leave it to a museum h... [more]
Bust out those mops. The Chinese art collective Polit-Sheer-Form Office is scrubbing Times Square today at noon as part of their "new socialism for the 21st Century." Better than Mayor Giulani, who never once rolled up his sleeves with a bottle of Pine-Sol on his mission to clean up the streets, "Do The Same Good Deed" puts some 400 people to work for a performance art piece mopping and scrubbing away decades of accumulated grime and Sbarro pizza boxes. They want you to participate, too. They have... [more]
To promote the release of their user-generated Banksy documentary, Banksy Does New York, HBO will release one short clip from the film on YouTube everyday this week leading up to its premiere on HBO Go this Friday, October 31. However, each video will only be available from HBO for 24 hours. How's that for hype? The documentary from filmmaker Chris Moukarbel follows the iconic street artist's 31-day New York Residency, Better Out Than In, through crowd-sourced footage captured by eyewitnesses... [more]
The lost Mary Magdalene in Ecstasy (1606) identified by Caravaggio expert in undisclosed private European collection via Mina Gregori, one of Italy's most prominent Caravaggio experts, says she's absolutely certain about the authenticity of the Baroque master's lost Mary Magdalene in Ecstasy, which he had with him when he died in 1610, the Guardian reports. The 15th-century painting, known to art historians for centuries but never found, was identified by Gregori, president of the Roberto Longhi F... [more]
Back from her two-month artist residency in Paris as ArtSlant's 2014 Georgia Fee Summer Artist-in-Residence, Sara Shaoul is exhibiting her recent video Erin Mahoney (Activist, Friend) at the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art. Part of their group exhibition, The Women's Room: Female Perspectives on Men, Women, Family and Nation, HVCCA presents video artworks by seven women artists, whose works explore the intricacies of gender, human relationships, and nation-centric politics. Shaoul's pi... [more]
Five days into his public performance art piece, Wanna Play? Love in Times of Grindr, the Berlin performance center Hebbel am Ufer (HAU) announced yesterday it’s pulling the plug on Dries Verhoeven, whose project has drawn widespread criticism for violating gay men’s privacy and exploiting users on the gay dating app, Grindr. For Wanna Play?, which was partially funded by the Dutch embassy, the Dutch performance artist committed to live in a glass trailer erected in one of Kreuzbe... [more]
It's #FAF, yawl. Held on the first Friday of every month, Free Art Friday is the day to pick up your latest urban art acquisitions. Artists leave pieces on the street for free and sometimes leave clues on Twitter and Instagram. If you recognize the place in the picture, hustle on over and pick it up. For example, in the spirit of #PumpkinSpiceLatteSeason, me made an early drop this morning, leaving 10 pumpkin spice latte colored vinyl pieces around NYC. #dolladollabills #pumpkinspice #pumpkinspiceeverything #punkins Since its start in NYC several years ago, #FAF h... [more]
Sandro Miller, David Bailey / Mick Jagger "Fur Hood" (1964), 2014 Photographer Sandro Miller just face swapped 35 seminal photographs with John Malkovich's face. Get it? John Malkovich is one of the greatest actors of all time who can convincingly embody any role like no other. The only thing more shocking about seeing Malkovich's face on John Lennon's naked body is that no one has done it before. Brilliant. The forthcoming exhibition, Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich, is not just a creepy tribut... [more]
photo courtesy of Stephen Melkisethian Over 400,000 took to the streets in New York City yesterday for the People’s Climate March, what’s being hailed as the largest demonstration against climate change in world history. Just two days before the U.N. convenes its Climate Summit, demonstrators hoped to send a clear message to world leaders that they must act assertively to combat climate change. Stretching through central Manhattan from its starting point on the west side of Central Pa... [more]
Manus Groenen’s show Cryptographics: A Tribute to the Voynich Manuscript was selected as the winner of ArtSlant’s Curator’s Open, where we asked readers to use our massive database of art to design an exhibition. Now showing at EXPO CHICAGO Art Fair, Groenen’s Cryptographics brings together twelve unique artworks exploring different forms of marking, both linguistic and pictorial. Reflective of the mysterious text his show honors, Groenen’s Cryptographics features works touching on the cosmological, the obscured, and... [more]
Its neighbors are trying to demolish it, but this modernist house in Raleigh, North Carolina is waging its own war... on Twitter Tweet thy neighbor as you would have her tweet you… unless she’s Gail Wiesner. Oakwood Modern House, the fun loving, Craftsman-style referencing, side-facing-front-door-having dream home of Architect/Owner Louis Cherry and his wife Marsha Gordon, has been fighting a now year-old existential battle with its traditionalist neighbor Gail Wiesner, who’... [more]
Pablo Picasso's 1919 Le Tricorne was removed from the Four Seasons in New York on Sunday The Picasso is safe, but it’s gone. Following lawsuits, restraining orders, and some good all around public outrage, Picasso's 1919 Le Tricorne was removed Sunday from the Four Seasons in the Park Avenue Seagram Building, where it had hung for over five decades. Using a 23-foot-long tube custom built for the project, a 20-person team from the New-York Historical Society successfully removed the maste... [more]
ArtHamptons: Looking to Korea and Beyond   Pick-button-f22fa879042524f5c7b8d2278b2983b8
at Art Hamptons July 10th, 2014 - July 13th, 2014
Posted 7/8/14
This year, ArtHamptons returns to the Sculpture Fields of Nova’s Ark bringing a unique focus on contemporary Korean art. Citing a growing fascination in New York with contemporary Korean art, ArtHamptons will feature fifteen Korean art galleries bringing with them over 150 artworks. Fittingly, Korean-born, New York-based multimedia artist Jayoung Chung will open the fair with her performance, Performing with You. Developed in part during her residency at Robert Wilson’s Watermill Center,... [more]
photo: Andreas Endermann via RP Ist das Kunst oder kann das weg? At the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, it was a janitor (or group of conspiring janitors) who offered the final critique for some sixty student artworks. Trash. Noting a long standing divide between students and janitors over art being left in the hallways, the Rheinische Post reported the custodial staff destroyed dozens of student artworks with a viciousness usually reserved for hard-to-open packaging and cheating husbands. ... [more]
Google announced its latest mega-project through its Cultural Institute: archiving and cataloguing street art and graffiti all over the world. Working with street art experts and dozens of galleries, Google launched its street art project with over 5,000 high-resolution images from some 1,702 artists including superstars Vhils, eL Seed, and Roa as well as hundreds of less-known artists. Using Google Maps you can also take 360-degree digital tours through buildings filled with street art, some... [more]
Yep, a fluorescent chartreuse yellow statue of Lenin awkwardly holding his thing and peeing has come to Pole-land. According to The Independent (which mistakenly reported the statue being "fluorescent green"), the 'pubic' statue of Lenin was erected as part of Krakow's 6th Grolsch ArtBloom Festival in its eastern Nowa Huta district. The so-called Fountain of the Future stands in a place where another statue of Lenin was before it was dismembered in 1989 (and later bought by a Swedish millionai... [more]
Shaan Syed, The Cost of Living, 87.9 × 48 cm, 2014, via How many artists are starving? In the UK, probably most. According to figures released today by a new campaign called Paying Artists from a-n The Artists Information Company and AIR Artists Interaction and Representation, most artists in the UK cannot support themselves through their art, are not paid for publicly funded exhibitions, and have to turn down gallery requests that don't pay. Here are the exact numbers according to a survey of more than 1,000 UK artists: 71 percent of artists... [more]
We're so excited to congratulate our first ArtSlant Prize Winner Michael Zelehoski on being newly represented by elite Chelsea gallery, Mike Weiss Gallery. Zelehoski won the 2009 Artslant Prize with his stunning Human Lobster Trap. In the past five years, Zelehoski has shown his work extensively across the U.S., represented by a number of galleries including Dodge Gallery, Ethan Cohen, and Christina Ray Gallery. Zelehoski was born in Concord, Massachusetts. He received his Associates of Art degree... [more]
Mega-Crowdfunding website Kickstarter is opening its first art show ever tomorrow at their headquarters in Brooklyn, featuring artists who have used the platform to fund their own projects. They have a stellar line up including the Marina Abromovic Institute, Swoon, Heather Hart, and Jeremy Baily. A couple names we’re particularly excited to see are Leon Reid IV and Saya Woolfalk. Reid, a public artist whose recently made a foray into 3D-printing, used Kickstarter to fund a public art in... [more]
Irish Photographer Richard Mosse was awarded the prestigious Deutsche Börse Photography Prize for his stunning photo series and film installation documenting, in unsettlingly bright pinks and brilliant fuchsias, the armed conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Mosse was presented with the award, including a £30 thousand prize, at The Photographers’ Gallery in London yesterday. For The Enclave, Mosse spent two years embedded with rebel forces in the war-torn eastern reg... [more]
PULSE New York named Hassan Hajjaj their 2014 PULSE Prize winner on Friday. Hajjaj was chosen for the award, including a $2,500 prize, by an invitational jury including Kathy Battista, Director of Contemporary Art at Sotheby’s Institute of Art NY; Paddy Johnson, founder and Editorial Director of Art F City; Julia Kaganskiy, director of NEW INC., New Museum; and Alice Gray Stites, Museum Director and Chief Curator of 21c Museum Hotels. Part fashion photography, part hip hop, part pop art, t... [more]
photo via Famed artist, "body awareness" theorist, and Austria's "Grand Dame of painting" Maria Lassnig passed away earlier this week in Vienna at the age of 94. Lassnig, born in Austria in 1919, attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna during World War II and is known for her brushy paint strokes and brutal subject matter. Lassnig used painting to explore the human body and psyche, illustrating a critical and sometimes gruesome subjectivity. She herself was often the object of her critical eye. Her l... [more]
image courtesy of The Frick Collection, New York Whew! Finally, #TheFrickCollection has realized it's #2014. The staunchly conservative #museum amended its visitor policies to allow #photography without flash aka #MUSEUMSELFIE! (#filters are a go). The decision closely follows a host of other institutions' move to lighten up already, Hyperallergic reported. In allowing photography, The Frick Collection joins the ranks of MoMA PS1, the Met, the Art Institute of Chicago, the National Gallery of Art, and the Getty Museum. ... [more]
gay.edge.liberation grew up as a hard core punk kid in Germany. He’s also, as you might suspect, gay. While boasting anti-establishment, on-the-fringe-of-society values, the punk and street art scenes aren’t historically welcoming of gay artists. It’s a culture gay.edge.liberation says can be rife with homophobia and sexism. In 2007 he started gay.edge.liberation, a pseudonym-cum-art project (that’s cum as in and) to fight homophobia in street art and hard core scenes. He&rsquo... [more]
Andy Warhol, Andy2, 1985, ©The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visuals Arts, Inc., courtesy of The Andy Warhol Museum Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and The Andy Warhol Museum announced today a landmark discovery: more than two dozen never-before-seen digital artworks by Andy Warhol. The works, featuring some of Warhol’s most iconic subjects – Marilyn Monroe, Campbell’s Soup, Botticelli’s Venus – were saved, or more accurately “trapped,”... [more]
Saatchi Art, the Saatchi Gallery, and Google+ just announced the winners of their first-ever Motion Photography Prize. “Motion Photography” is apparently the high-brow version of a GIF, those low-brow, low-tech repeating videos long enjoyed by Tumblr gurls and basement dwelling neckbeards, and more recently, everyone. They've also already been kind of a thing in the art world—the Pittsburgh collective VIA launched its intense 2014 T.GIF tournament last month and we hosted our own... [more]
via Itella Posti I need a Finnish pen pal. This fall Finland's postal service, Itella Posti, is releasing a new series of stamps paying homage to legendary homoerotic illustrator Touko Laaksonen aka Tom of Finland. Laaksonen's iconic hyper-masculine drawings helped give rise to fetish art and made an incredible impact on gay culture. During a career spanning from the '50s to the '70s, Laaksonen produced over 3,500 illustrations challenging sexual norms and popular tropes while giving leather... [more]
Drone operators don’t see the faces of their targets. Sitting in military offices thousands of miles away from combat zones, they have a term for their kills, appearing to them as grainy dots on a computer screen: bug splats. A group of Pakistani artists is working to fight the insensitivity of such impersonal warfare with a project called #NotABugSplat, which gives a face to otherwise anonymous victims. Building on French artist JR’s Inside Out Project, they installed a huge portrait of... [more]